12 Best Cinema HD Alternatives for Firestick, Android & PC

Unhappy with the Cinema HD? don’t worry, check out the top 12 cinema hd alternatives. We have gone through a small research to filter out the best apps that are similar to cinema hd. We have seen most of the apps are good enough to be used as a replacement for cinema.

best cinema hd apk alternatives

Okay, let’s get into the article and download the suitable cinema hd alternative on your android phone, firestick, pc or smart tv.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose Alternative Apps Over Cinema HD

We have come to know some reasons from our blog visitors. Each one of them have unique opinion which is completely contrast from the other.

  1. Cinema HD Keeps Crashing – Guide To Fix
  2. Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading – Guide To Fix
  3. Real Debrid Authorization Issues with Cinema HD
  4. Cinema Gray Screen Error – Guide To Fix
  5. Wrong Thumbnails and Outdated Content

Each one of them have a solution that can fix the issue in under 2 minutes. You can go through “Guide To Fix” if you wish to stick with Cinema HD. Otherwise, you can go with the alternatives shared below.

Top 12 Cinema HD APK Alternatives in 2023

Here is the list of top 12 apps like cinema hd apk.

1. Cyberflix APK

cyberflix is similar app like cinema hd

Cyberflix is the highly trending movie app as an alternative to cinema app. It is a best choice among the entire list that we have given below, because it’s doing great from the beginning of it’s journey. People can watch their favorite shows and movies without any loading issues and errors.

   Cyberflix APK

The app is a property of cybermedia.cloud and their support to the bugs is remarkable. Cyberflix is a reliable app whose content loading speed is very good.

Users can search for their favorite content and get links from Real Debrid cloud for watching. With all such great qualities, we consider cyberflix is the best choice among all apps like cinema apk.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android smartphone, tablet
  • Android TV Box
  • Amazon Firestick 4K
  • Fire TV Stick Lite, Cube
  • Kindle Fire
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Smart TV (Android OS)
  • Mi TV Stick 4K

2. CatMouse APK

cinema hd alternatives

CatMouse is a light weight movie app and it has all the qualities to compete with cinema hd. The design of the app such as UI, Navigation looks simple but the way it works on devices is just amazing.

It has a wide range of titles from various categories and genres. People can use the search bar or navigation system to pic their favorite flick for watching.

Real debrid and trakt tv integration is an added advantage in this app. That’s the reason why we have chosen catmouse to be in our list of cinema hd alternatives.

Compatible Devices:

  • Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube
  • Android Phone, Android Tablet
  • Smart TV with Android OS
  • Android TV Box (All Brands)
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Mi Box S

3. BeeTV APK

apps like cinema hd

BeeTV is a popular movie app among all the android users out there. It is the best choice of many fanatics due to the ease of use. Beetv looks pretty similar to terrarium tv but whenever you start using it, you will definitely forget about the terrarium tv.

It will bring out the best links for any movie that you have chosen to watch. You just need to pick one and enable subtitles to start watching it.

Moreover, it has the option to choose the default video player by yourself. You can customize the settings to match your requirements to get the most out of beetv app.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android phone and Android tablet
  • Fire TV Stick 4K, Lite, 2nd Gen, Cube
  • Nvidia Shield TV Box
  • All Android TV Boxes
  • Mi TV Box S
  • Android Smart TV

4. Syncler APK

alternatives to cinema hd

Syncler is nothing but the TVZion Fork but works great like its ancestor. It is available in both free and paid versions. In paid version (Syncler+), you will get high quality links and the free version is limited to standard links.

Not to worry, you can use real-debrid to fetch the high quality links with syncler free version itself. The app’s User Interface is something new which is not similar to any other app in this list.

One major advantage is you can sync all your favorites, watch history, player settings across all your devices. That is the biggest advantage of the app and that is the reason for it’s inclusion into the similar apps like cinema hd list.

Compatible Devices:

  • All android smartphones and tablets
  • All android tv boxes
  • Nvidia Shield TV Box
  • Mi TV Stick 4K
  • All Android Smart TVs
  • All Versions of Amazon Firestick

5. CucoTV APK

cinema apk alternatives cucotv

Cuco TV is a Zinitevi fork which made it’s entry into the market recently. It has a pretty attractive UI which is truly amazing and you can get everything on the home screen itself.

   CucoTV APK

Navigate to any sub section inside the app to pick your most favorite content. CucoTV is not similar to Cinema HD because of the lack of option to pick the links.

It will just start playing the content automatically and you don’t have the chance to decide which sized link to choose. Even though it has some disadvantages over cinema apk, CucoTV is free from errors and crashes.

Compatible Devices:

  • Firestick 2nd Gen, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick Lite, Firestick 4K
  • Android phones and tablets [All brands]
  • Smart TV (only if android is the default OS)
  • Nvidia Shield [All Versions]
  • Mi TV Stick [All Versions]
  • Android TV Box [Except Roku]

6. Kodi TV

cinema hd apk alternatives

Don’t underestimate kodi because it is the first choice of millions of people. It is an open sourced platform where people can load their favorite kodi addons to watch movies and shows.

If you have got some best kodi addons, you can just load the repos into kodi app. This way, you will have abundance of apps on your android or firestick.

It is nowhere similar to Cinema HD and it is a much better application. With kodi, you will have endless opportunities and you are not narrowed at all. We treat it as a perfect app to be in our list of best cinema hd alternatives for 2023.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices [iPhone, iPad]
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 7 [32 Bit, 64 Bit]
  • Mac OS X [Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac]
  • Windows Phone [All Models]
  • Amazon Firestick 4K, Cube, Lite
  • Nvidia Shield TV Box
  • All The Android Boxes
  • Android Smart TV [Incompatible with WebOS, Tizen]

7. CineHub APK

cinehub alternative to cinema hd

CineHub is one of the most stylish movie apps ever released in history. You will just fell in love with this app within a very short span of usage because it is working like a wonder.

The light weight design will make your job easy which doesn’t use the maximum system resources of your device.

You will be able to filter the content using tremendous filtering options. The All Debrid, Real Debrid, Trak TV integration will make your movie experience much better with quality streams.

Compatible Devices:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux [With The Help of Android Emulators]
  • Android Phones [All Brands]
  • Fire TV 4K, Firestick Lite & Cube
  • Kindle Fire
  • Nvidia shield android tv box
  • Smart TVs with Android Operating System

8. TeaTv APK

teatv is a similar app to cinema apk

TeaTV should be your first choice if you wish to watch tv shows more than movies. The design and user interface of teatv will be as same as the terrarium tv and it’s forks. But when it comes to the ability of providing streams, it has no competition.

Teatv can be installed on wide range of devices and it’s the major advantage. Most of it’s users are still using this app never went back to any other apps from a very long time. Just understand why they haven’t look back.

Make your life simple but curious with TeaTv as it’s one of the top rated cinema hd alternatives out there.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android Operating System [v4.4+]
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 7 [Including Older Versions]
  • Mac OS X [All Versions including Catalina, Mojave]
  • Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, 2nd Generation
  • All Android TV Boxes [Including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi TV Stick 4K]
  • Smart TVs with Android as the operating system

9. Rokkr APK

rokkr is a cinema hd alternative

You might haven’t used it already because it is a new app which made it’s entry very recently. Despite being a new app, it has a lot of advantages over other movie apps such as cyberflix, cinema hd, movie hd apk, etc.

The design of the app is super simple and you won’t see anything expect url option on the home screen. You will have to put the url of the platform to get the content. Once given, you can then explore all the stuff you like to watch.

This is more like a search engine app for movies and tv shows. It can be a best app among all the cinema hd alternatives that we have mentioned in this list. The best part is, it is available on google play and app store.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android devices [All brands]
  • iPhone, iPad [iOS 14, iOS 14 only]
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Lite, Cube
  • Mi TV Stick 4K, Mi TV Box S
  • Nvidia Shield TV, Pro
  • All Android Powered Smart TVs

10. NovaTV APK

novatv apk is a replacement for cinema hd

NovaTV can be treated as one of the Cinema HD Mods. The user interface, navigation, categories, theme and most of the other things are exactly similar to Cinema APK.

   Nova TV APK

With NovaTV, you can watch the content online and save them to downloads to view without internet. There are a lot of tweaks that you can do with NovaTV such as customizing the subtitles, custom video players, etc.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android Devices [v5.0+]
  • All Versions of Firestick
  • All Types of Android TV Boxes
  • Android Smart TVs

11. Movie HD APK

movie hd is a cinema hd alternative

Movie HD has all qualities to be in this list of apps like cinema hd. Even though it is one of the oldest apps, it stands out to become available despite receiving various issues online.

   Movie HD APK

It has a very less number of features and they are very basic and can be available in other apps as well. No proper settings available for customization and real debird, all debrid services are not available.

Moreover, you cannot log into trak.tv service to keep track of the movies and shows that you watch. That’s the reason why we have included this app in the last place.

Compatible Devices:

  • Mi TV Box, Mi Box S, Latest Mi TV Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Android Smartphone and Android Tablet
  • Compatible with iOS devices as well
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • MacOS [Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac]
  • Smart TV [All Brands]
  • Android TV Boxes [All Brands]

12. Flixoid APK

flixoid apk

This is the most latest movie app among the list shared on this article. The app is developed by the developer of Sofa TV and kept the design as same as the terrarium tv.

   Flixoid APK

Since, flixoid app is a newest movie app, you may not expect a bunch of features as cinema hd or cinehub.

But, we are pretty sure about the functionality of the app as it is working like a charm in getting the hd tv shows and popular movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Cinema HD So Slow?

When there are many user requests at a time, the app will function slow. You can try after sometime or use cinema hd alternative apps like hdo box, cyberflix or beetv app, etc.

Is There A New Cinema HD?

Yes! v2.6.0 is the new version of cinema hd which is working pretty well without any errors and app crashes.

Does Cinema Stream In 4K?

No! it cannot stream in 4K picture quality because it's tough for the app to handle 4k requests from the users. If you want a 4k supporting movie app, download some very good cinema hd alternatives from this page.

Does Cinema HD Still Work?

Yes, it is still working but some users are unhappy because of the slow response from the app. If you are also one of them, download it's alternative apps from this page.

Final Review – Top 12 Cinema HD Alternatives for Android, Fire TV, PC

Just like any other movie app, cinema hd also have some unresolved errors. If you have any such concern, you can try out the best cinema hd alternatives shared above. There are actually couple of other movie apps available in the internet. You can try OneBox HDFreeflix HQMediabox HDTyphoon TV on your devices. We haven’t covered them up because they can’t be the similar apps like cinema hd with in terms of performance and other abilities.

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