How To Install Cinema HD APK on Android TV Box [All Brands]

Let’s see how you can install cinema hd apk on android tv box in this article. We have discussed the simplest way to download and install the app on your android tv. Don’t worry about the brand of the tv box, it works all of them.

Settings and preferences are same in all android tv boxes and there won’t be any change. We have covered up everything to match up all the android tv boxes.

What Is The Difference Between Installing Cinema HD on Android TV Box & Smart TV?

There is a big difference between a smart tv and an android tv box that you have to understand. Android TV Box is a device that can be connected to any non-android smart tv to make it an android tv.

Smart TV is something which can of samsung or sony or from any other brand but the operating system is not android.

cinema apk for android tv box

You may have a smart tv from any brand (ex: panasonic) and that may be of WebOS, TizenOS, or Linux. In such cases, it is better for you to check how to install cinema hd apk on smart tv guide.

Android tv’s doesn’t require an android tv box or a firestick device until and unless your goal is something else. If you have an android tv box, you can connect it to your tv and make it android tv and follow the tips shared on this website to install cinema hd apk on it.

Download Cinema HD for Android TV Box [Nvidia Shield TV, etc]

There are different companies that manufacture android tv boxes with pre-loaded android operating system. It works perfectly well with Nvidia Shield, Turewell T9, Minix Neo, Ematic Jetstream, Mi TV Stick.

  • Connect the nvidia shield box to your smart tv and connect it to any wireless network with active internet connection.
  • Go to the Settings section of your nvidia shield by using the remote or voice control.
  • Now, navigate to security & restrictions tab under settings.

nvidia shield unknown sources for cinema hd

  • Toggle on “Unknown Sources” option to be able to install the third party apps on your android tv box.
  • Go back to the home screen of your android tv box, open google play store.
  • Search for “analiti” and install the application.
  • Open up the analiti app after finishing the installation process.
  • Please wait while the analiti app measures the speed of your internet connection.

analiti for web access

  • Navigate to “Web Check” option which is available in the left side menu.
  • The web browser window will be opened up inside the analiti app on your android tv box (nvidia shield).
  • Type and hit enter.
  • You will be landed on a dedicated page where you can download the app straightaway.
  • Scroll down till your find the app and download the app.

allow analiti app permissions

  • Grant permissions whatever you see on-screen.

install unknown apps on nvidia

  • If you haven’t enabled the install unknown apps option on your android tv box, this is the right time to enable the settings.
  • The apk will start downloading immediately from that web page.
  • Once the download is over, you can see that the nvidia shield starts installing the app.

cinema apk on android tv box

  • Hit “Install” option to start installing cinema hd app on your android tv box.
  • Once the procedure is over, you will notice that the android tv box will send you a notification on successful installation of the app.

You can try out the same process on Mi Box S or Mi Box 4K or any other android tv box for installing. Here is the guide that may help if Cinema HD Is Not Working on Android TV Box.

Also Check:

How To Login To Real Debrid on Cinema HD on Android TV Box

We all know that real-debrid is a true companion for all the high quality link resources for movies, tv shows. If you haven’t logged into your real debrid account, follow the steps below.

  • Open Cinema HD app on your android tv box post to it’s installation.
  • Go to the hamburger menu present at the top left corner of the app window.

debrid settings

  • Scroll all the way down till Accounts section.

login to real debrid cinema apk

  • Tap “Login to Real-Debrid” option which is the first one from the list.
  • Now, real debrid system will show you some authentication code on screen. You need to copy that code.
  • Open any web browser on your android tv and go to

real deb web

  • Once you are there, you have to paste the code that was copied earlier.
  • Now, real-debrid will be integrated to the application on your android tv box.

This is how you can actually login to real-debrid to get the high quality resources for all your favorite movies and tv shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install Movie Apps On My Android Box?

To install movie apps on your android box, you should first have an android tv box (nvidia shield or any other brand). Next important thing is enable unknown sources in the settings of your android tv box. Download the cinema hd for android tv box from it's official site and click "Install" button to install the app. The procedure for installing other movie apps is also the same and there are no differences.

How Do I Get Cinema APK on My Android TV Box?

With the help of analiti app (browser) and unknown sources tweak, you can get cinema apk on your android tv box.

How Do I Install HD Cinema On My TV Box?

To Install Cinema HD on your tv box, first enable unknown sources within the tv box settings. Then, use some downloaded app such as browser or downloader by aftv app and visit this page or ( and download the app and click the app to open. Now, press "Install" button and then open the application.

How Can I Play Cinema HD on My TV?

If you have an android tv box and cinema hd installed in it, launch the app. Read the disclaimer and continue to usse the app. Select any movie or show and click "Play" to watch it.

Why Cinema APK Not Working on Android Box?

It could be due to app cache or there might be a newer version available which needs to be updated to the latest version (v2.4.1). Kindly try to update the app and clear the app cache to solve this problem.

How Do I Remove Cinema APK From Android TV Box?

Go to all apps section and choose the cinema app and go to app's properties. Choose "Uninstall" option to remove cinema apk from your android tv box and it's that easy.

What Is The Best Cinema HD Alternative for Android TV Box?

You can try out Cyberflix or CineHub as an alternative app to the cinema hd on your android tv box for all your favorite content.

Final Review – Now You Can Install Cinema HD APK on Android TV Box Easily

I hope you have clearly understood what’s make android tv box different from a traditional smart tv. Go through the tips shared in the article above to be able to install cinema apk on nvidia shield or mi box s, 4k for movie content and informative content.

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