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AppLinked APK is a bulk downloader tool created for both android and firestick devices. It is a brand new downloader often referred as an alternative to the FileLinked app. By using AppLinked on your firestick, you can download multiple apps at once without having to enter any kind of urls. It doesn’t host any files on it’s servers but you can still use it in order to download your favorite apps conveniently.

This article is all about applinked app which includes but not limited to download process, installation, installing apps from it to creating your own stores and pretty much everything in between. Read this post completely to be able to create your own store, upload files, share them with public and more.

Why Should You Download AppLinked APK?

Because it’s the best app among all it’s neighboring apps such as filesynced, appsynced and unlinked in many aspects. One of them is that you have the option to make your store public or private with a passcode.


Meaning that the public stores can be accessed by anyone with a store code. Whereas, the private stores can only be accessed by people who have the store code and password as well. On the other hand, you can easily create your own store on the official website to make it public. If you want to make your store private, you can do it by creating an account on the portal (

AppLinked is pretty convenient in terms of creating stores and managing them. It allows you download multiple applications at once without much hassle. All your downloads will be queued and you can see them getting downloaded one by one without any issues.

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Brand New Features Of AppLinked App

It has so many useful features and we have listed down few of them to make it clear with it’s pros. Let’s have a look at them and start utilizing all those features while using applinked on your android phone or firestick.

1. Lightning Fast Downloads

The download speed of the apps, tools, emulators and games from applinked store is mind blowing. You will experience the ultra fast app downloads even in slower internet connections.

2. Responsive User Interface

The UI is very clean and neat. Every single user will definitely like the way it was designed. The navigation is super simple on both the android and firestick platforms.

3. Highly Secure and Completely Safe

Users need not to worry about any kind of issues with the app on their devices. Because, all the apps are scanned and tested by the applinked app developers. So, you shouldn’t worry about downloading apps form app linked stores.

4. All Apps At One Place

If you don not like downloading individual apps from their source, you must read this section. With AppLinked APK, you can download all your favorite apps from one place known as applinked store. All you need is a store code and rest everything is simple be it finding the apps and downloading or updating the apps.

5. Regular Updates That Will Help You Stay Updated

You will never miss any important update regarding the apps or games. Just install the apps from applinked store and forget about their updates since there is automatic updates option available inside the app. If you are not interested in automatic updates, you can turn it off in the settings and update the apps manually anytime you want.

6. Unlimited Stores And Are Completely Free

There is literally no limits in the number of applinked stores because anyone can create their own store. While creating a store, you can put the password aka pin for that particular store to safeguard your apps.

Moreover, people with your store code and pin can access the store on their devices from anywhere and start downloading or updating the apps.

Download AppLinked APK for Android Devices [Phone & Tablet Version]

As said earlier, applinked apk is available for both android smartphones and firestick devices. Moreover, you can download and install the android version on any android phone and tablet. We have shared the download link of applinked app right below. You can download it and follow the instructions shared below for installing the same.

Download AppLinked [Mobile Version]

Once the download is over, you can immediately start working on the installation part. Before you start installing the app, you need to enable the unknown sources on your android phone just like you always do whenever you sideload any app on your phone.

Sideloading requires some tips but don’t worry, we are here to help you with the step by step tutorial. Remember, you do not need to enable the unknown sources if you have already enabled it on your device.

Install AppLinked APK on Android Phone & Tablet

  • Unlock your android smartphone and make sure that you have turned on either wifi or mobile data.
  • Open the web browser on your phone or tablet (only if you are currently reading this page on your pc). Otherwise, you can just follow the steps prescribed below.
  • Go to Settings of your android phone and launch Lock Screen and Security.
  • Move to Unknown Sources and make sure that it is turned on. Do not turn it off if the settings are already turned on.
  • Download AppLinked APK Latest Version for Android phone from the above link and save the apk to your device’s storage.
  • Since you have finished downloading the apk file on your phone, you can simply go to the file location and tap the apk file to launch the installation wizard of applinked android app.
  • Click “Install” option now to give your nod regarding the installation of the app linked app.
  • Now, you can just wait for the remaining options of the entire installation process.
  • Once you go further, you will notice that the installation is almost over.
  • Tap “Done” finally to finish the procedure of installation.

applinked for android

  • Once you notice that the applinked app’s installation is over, you can just tap the app’s icon on your android phone to launch the app.

That’s it! you have just finished installing applinked on android device. Now, you can start downloading the apps and games on your phone directly from the applinked stores. But you need to have the applinked codes. Don’t worry, we have shared couple of mind blowing applinked store codes in this article with passwords.

Install AppLinked APK on Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite & 2nd Generation

Installing applinked on firestick is never too easy until you follow the steps outlined in this article. Trust us, you will have app linked app on your firestick in under 2 minutes.

applinked firestick

  • If this is the very first time that you are going to sideload an application to your firestick or smart tv, you should definitely follow the next step. Otherwise, you can simply skip the 2nd step and directly go to the 5th step.
  • Go to Settings of your fire tv and launch Developer Options.
  • Then, you have to launch Apps from unknown sources there.
  • Turn on the unknown sources on your fire tv stick or fire tv cube and that’s it, you are done.
  • Launch the downloader app on your firestick if you can see the downloader on your firestick. Otherwise, you will have to search for the downloader app and install it on your fire tv stick.
  • Once the downloader is opened, you should go to the browser option and enter the url “” without quotes. Or, you can download applinked for firestick directly from this link.
  • Once you have landed successfully on that page, you can see the download button or download link of applinked app.
  • Hit that download button/link, you will notice that the applinked firestick version gets downloaded immediately.
  • Once the file is downloaded successfully, you will be able to start installing the apk file on your firestick.
  • Just tap the apk file and hit that “Install” button and finish the formalities just like that.
  • Once the formalities are done, you may delete the apk file to make some room in your fire tv stick.

Updated AppLinked Store Codes and Passwords November 2023

Hey, I know your excitement and I can clearly understand your requirement too. That’s the reason why I have shared the updated applinked codes for firestick and android that are currently working without any issues.

applinked apk

  • 3333
  • 4444
  • 5555
  • 1111
  • 0000
  • 2222
  • 727272
  • 6464
  • 7777
  • 719778818

Those are some of the best applinked stores that you can make use of. Keep checking this space for more information and more and more updated store codes and pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download Games from AppLinked Store?

Of course! you can download the original version of your favorite game directly from the developers store. That will help you stay updated with the app very regularly. On the other hand, you can also download mods of the games to get the gems, coins and forks for free.

Is AppLinked Better Than FileLinked?

Undoubtedly! it is a better app and you can literally get the best out of app linked app in all possible ways. Moreover, it is not a come and go app store, it seems that it has come here to stay for sometime in the internet industry and help all the users.

Can I Create An AppLinked Store?

Yes! you can easily create a store and upload the files to the store. On the other hand, you can put the password to the store for the safety of your own files. In order to create a store, head over to on your device which is the official website. Hit “Create A Store” and enter the store code that you wish to have, username, email id and password and hit Sign Up.

Final Review – AppLinked APK Download for Firestick & Android

AppLinked is one of the finest alternative apps among all other filelinked alternatives. We have seen couple of similar apps such as appsynced, applinked, unlinked, etc. But applinked apk is the one that many people would love to use for downloading their favorite movies such as Cinema HD AppCucoTV, and few games, etc. I hope you love reading this article, let us know the same in the comments below.

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