Cyberflix APK Download for Android, Firestick, PC & iOS [v3.5.9]

Cyberflix is the one of the most effective and trusted android app for movies and catchup tv shows. It is a simple android app that is capable of fulfilling it’s user needs when it comes to entertainment. If you have come here to download cyberflix apk for android or firestick or pc, we are happy to welcome you.

Actually, we have Cinema HDFlixoid, CineHub, HDO Box and Syncler apps for entertainment. But Cyberflix is a special app among the list because it has tremendous features. On top of that, it is capable of serving movies and shows without any crashes and other errors.

cyberflix apk download for android

Why Cyberflix TV When There Are A Couple Of Other Options?

Everyone will have their own choices and people won’t compromise on them at any cost. I guess you are one of them who wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of content and UI.

1. Customize App Language

The default language of the app is English but you can choose any other language as your default app language. It means that, you can view the contents of the app in your favorite language with full comfort.

The currently available app languages are English, Spanish (Espanol), French, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Finnish, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc.

2. Custom Video Players Along Side Native Video Player

Native video player of the app is ExoPlayer and it is the default player for Cyberflix tv app. But it supports custom video players like MX Player and VLC Player.

You may go to google play store and install either MX Player or VLC Player. After downloading any one of them, you may open up cyberflix tv apk and choose it vlc or mx player as a default video player.

3. Switch Players When Video Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

We haven’t seen switch players option on any other movie app until now. It is really the best feature which will help the user to reduce the hustle of picking the right one.

Manual section of the source may lead to crash or the app keeps refreshing. But switch players option will help you play the right one for you and that too without any kind of errors.

4. Infinite Catalogue Of Movies and TV Shows

On the home screen of Cyberflix app, you will literally see a wide range of movies from different categories. You will see movies from Horror, Romantic, Action, Suspense Thriller, Educational, Documentaries, Kids, Comedy, Animation and Reality genres.

If you want to watch the catchup tv shows, you should go to the hamburger menu of the app. Pick TV Shows option and choose the show that you were waiting to watch next.

5. TV Calendar with Synopsis

TV Calendar is mostly available on all other movie apps except a very few. But when it comes to the functionality of tv calendar feature, Cyberflix is number 1.

The best part is, you will get short synopsis right below the title of the show. By reading the synopsis and other important tags such as cast and crew info, you can take your decision of picking it for watching or ignore it simply.

6. Android TV Mode

You will see this option under “Android TV” which can be found under app’s Settings. By enabling this feature, you will see the android tv layout on your device.

This is a perfect feature for your android tv and you may also use this on your android phone.

7. Landscape Mode on Android TV

This will be “ON” by default and you may turn it off whenever you feel that it’s not for you. It is available right below the above feature under Android TV section.

8. Simple Scrolling on Android TV

In general, other movie apps won’t have this option. As a result of not having access to this feature, user will feel some lags while scrolling the app’s contents on android tv.

But by enabling simple scrolling on android tv option on your device, you will see the smooth scroll effect. That will help you stay focused when you are searching for any movie or a show from the catalogue.

9. Multiple Playaback Options

Other movie apps don’t have this feature but you will get it on Cyberflix. Go to Settings from the home burger menu of the app.

Scroll down until you see the option “Playback”. Hit “Choose default continue playback option” to see the available settings. You may pick any option from the available options such as Player Default, Always Ask, Start Over, Resume.

We have limited this list to save your time because we know you can’t wait to download cyberflix apk latest version.

Cyberflix TV APK Details – Complete Info

App NameCyberflix
Also Known As Cyberflix TV App
File Size19.01 MB
App Versionv3.5.9
Compatible DevicesAndroid, FireStick, Mi TV Stick, Windows 11,10, MacOS

Download Cyberflix APK for Android Devices

Earlier, Cyberflix was available on Google Play Store. But currently, it is not available because it has some problem with user privacy. Moreover, Play Protect have recently detected some problem with the app. But don’t worry, you can download cyberflix not blocked by play protect from below.

   Cyberflix v3.5.9 APK

Once you are done with the download of the app, you may proceed further with installation on android, firestick and pc.

How To Install Cyberflix on Android Phone & Tablet

The installation instructions for the android devices are as follows.

  • Turn on mobile data on your phone or connect your device to any wireless network. This is not necessary but active internet connection helps in scanning the downloaded file for threats.
  • If you have already downloaded the apk file from above or from any other website, you can go to the next step. Otherwise, you must have the apk file first on your phone or tablet.
  • Open Settings on your android device.
  • Go to Lock Screen and Security option on your device. If you don’t find the exact option on your android phone, you can go to Security option.
  • Scroll down till you see Unknown Sources option from that list.
  • Make sure the option is Turned ON and do not turn it off if the option is ON by default. If you see it is OFF by default, Turn On Unknown Sources option.
  • Open “Downloads” folder on your smartphone but please make sure that you are following all these steps after Cyberflix Download process is successful.
  • Click on the apk file from the downloads folder.
  • Hit “Install” option once installation wizard starts running on your device.
  • Click “Done” option to finish the installation procedure. Otherwise, you may hit “Open” option in order to make the app open on your device.

Those are the steps that you need to follow for installing an apk file on your android phone or tablet.

How To Install Cyberflix APK on Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite

Have a firestick 4k or any other version of fire tv stick such as lite, 2nd gen, 3rd gen? let’s check out the instructions.

  • Connect your firestick to the tv and connect the same to the active internet connection.
  • Go to the Settings of your fire tv stick. Choose “My Device” or “My Fire TV” option under the settings of your firestick.
  • Now, open “Developer Options” from the same screen.
  • Go to Apps from Unknown Sources option under the developer options of your firestick.
  • Turn on Unknown Sources option if the option is not turned on by default then go back to the home screen of your firestick.
  • Search for Downloader app and install the downloader app on your firestick.
  • Again, go back to the developer options of your firestick and navigate to apps from unknown sources.
  • Now you will see Downloader app on that list, hit that app and turn on installations from Downloader app.
  • Come back to the home screen of your fire tv and open up the downloader app.
  • Hit “Allow” option using the remote and then, go to Browser portion of the downloader app.
  • Type url in the browser’s url section.
  • That page will be loaded on your firestick’s browser, scroll down a bit and download cyberflix for firestick.
  • Your Firestick will start installing cyberflix on firestick without your commands.
  • At the end of the installation process, firestick will ask you to delete the file from the internal storage.
  • Hit “Delete” option using the fire tv remote and you are done with the entire process.
  • You may also download the app on your firestick from file linked store. Check out the file linked store code and password from the official developer of the app.

Now, you have cyberflix on your firestick. You can go to “Your Apps” section and hit the icon of the app to open it.

Install Cyberflix on iOS 17 to iOS 13 – iPhone & iPad

It is not an iOS application! so, you cannot install it on your iPhone or iPad. Even jailbreaking your device won’t help you with it.

So, let’s not waste your time anymore running behind the app that doesn’t help. Instead, check out the list of best apps like cyberflix for your iOS device from below.

   Alternatives for iOS

Install Cyberflix on PC [Windows 11/10, 8.1, 7 & MacOS]

In order to install cyberflix on windows 11, 10 or macbook pro/air, you should have the apk file on your pc. Along with the apk file, you need android emulator to install the app on your pc. Check out the guide to Download Bluestacks on Windows 11, 10, MacOS pc or laptop.

  • Download the bluestacks on your windows 11 or macbook from the link shared above. Follow the instructions shared on that post to install bluestacks on your pc or laptop.
  • Now, you can download cyberflix apk for pc from the above download section.
  • Save the apk file onto the desktop of your windows 11 pc or macbook air/pro.
  • Open bluesacks app player now.
  • Go to the location (Desktop) of cyberflix.apk.
  • Select the apk file, drag that file and drop the same onto bluestacks player.
  • Bluestacks will now parse the cyberflix tv apk file into multiple files and places all of them on your pc.
  • Once installation is over, you will see the notification from bluestacks.

Now, you may start using cyberflix app on your pc or macbook. Need user manual for using the app? let’s check out the instructions shared below.

Also Check:

How To Use Cyberflix App on Android, FireStick & PC

If you haven’t installed the app on your device, check out the above sections. Otherwise, go through the below user manual according to the device that you are currently using.

1. On Android

  • Firstly, open up the app on your phone and make sure that you grant necessary permissions.
  • On the home screen, you will see all the tv shows suggestions.
  • You may pick any one of them and hit “Play” button to get the links for that particular tv show.
  • Once you see the links to the tv show, pick any one of them and start watching.
  • If you want to watch movies, go to menu and navigate to Movies section and do the same there.

2. On Firestick

  • Launch Cyberflix on firestick with the fire tv remote.
  • You will see the android tv layout by default and rest of things are same in terms of content.
  • Use the search bar to find our your favorite movie or a tv show.
  • Pick the show and click on “Play” button that you see at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select the link and start movie, that’s it.

3. On Windows & MacBook

  • Launch Bluestacks app player as a first step and make sure that your pc is connected to working wireless network.
  • Go to the home screen of bluestacks and launch cyberflix on pc.
  • You will see the normal portrait mode on your just like what you see on your android phone.
  • You may change the layout to android tv mode under settings.
  • Otherwise, go to Movies section from the menu and choose your favorite movie.

4. On iPhone & iPad

  • We are not talking about cyberfix apk because it not available for iOS devices.
  • If you have installed any one of the apps like cyberflix from the above section, check next step.
  • Open HDOBox [For Example], use the search bar to get the content that you love to watch.
  • Otherwise, you may navigate around to get the content of the show or a movie that you are willing to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Update Cyberflix TV APK?

You will be notified about the update inside the app whenever it is available. Hit “Update” button to update it to most recent version. Otherwise, you can open this page and download cyberflix updated version. Remove the already installed version from your device and install the updated version.

How To Download Movies on Cyberflix TV?

Pick the movie or a tv show from search screen from home. Hit Play button to get the links and long press the chosen link to go the options. Hit “Download” button to start downloading the movie or tv show to your device.

How To Install Cyberflix on Android Box?

Since Android Box comes with Android operating system, installation is super easy. Go to Settings and turn on Unknown Sources option, open a web browser and download the apk. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process on your android tv box.

How To Get Cyberflix on NVidia Shield?

The process is same for nvidia shield, firestick and android box. All you need is downloader app and permissions to install apps from unknown sources. Check out this article from the beginning to deal with the installation.

How To Add More Video Players to Cyberflix APK?

First of all, install your favorite video player from Google Play store. Open cyberflix on your device, choose the video and long press on the link to get options. Hit “Share” button and choose the video player from the list of available video players on your device.

How To Install Cyberflix Without Using Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is jut an android emulator and you may use nox player if you don’t like bluesatacks. Download nox player and install it on your pc or mac. Rest of the steps are same and you may not need any help for that I guess.

How To Stop Cyberflix Keeps Buffering?

The are multiple reasons for that I believe. Check with your internet connection or try to clear the app cache. Otherwise, you may use a VPN to load the contents as it can solve this issue.

How To Check Watch History on Cyberflix?

Enable service to check your watched history and search info. Otherwise, go to settings and scroll down to backup and restore section. Enable “Send Watch History” option after every app close.

Final Review – Cyberflix APK Has All The Features That You May Want To Try

Cyberflix APK is a wonderful alternative that you can use it as a replacement for Cinema HD. In fact, it is has some advanced features that cinema app and other movie apps lacks. I hope you liked my analysis about the app, comment below this post if you have any doubts or questions.

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