How To Install & Integrate VLC Player with Cinema HD [Detailed Guide]

VLC Media Player is the second best choice for people to play videos and watch movies. It is neither a movie app nor a search engine for movies and shows. It’s just a video player with amazing features that help all the users to watch their favorite videos on android, firestick and pc. Okay, in this article, we are going to talk about installation and integration of vlc media player and cinema hd.

There are a lot of advantages in vlc media player and one of them is streaming media over internet. It means that, you don’t have to use a video file to play it on your device. You just need to source link of the video and that’s it, you can watch it online.

integrate vlc with cinema hd

Moreover, lock aspect ratio, take screenshots while watching, zoom specific area and change sound effects are few more top features of the app. Okay, let’s see the process of installing vlc media player on firestick.

Install VLC Media Player on Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube & Lite

The availability of vlc media player is unlike mx player. You can actually download vlc player for firetick from the amazon webstore. So, you don’t need to enable unknown sources on your firestick. Moreover, it is not necessary to disable the unknown sources if enabled already.

  • Connect your fire tv stick to the tv on which you want to watch the movies from cinema app.
  • Make sure that you have already installed cinema on your fire tv. Otherwise, don’t miss out the beautiful guide to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestck.
  • Go to the Search bar of your firestick by using the fire tv remote.
  • Type in “VLC for Fire” and hit enter. Don’t forget to type the exact word that we have mentioned. Otherwise you may not be able to get accurate results from the web store.
  • Hit that VLC Player and tap “Download” option.
  • Kindly wait for sometime while your fire tv is installing the vlc player.
  • Once it is installed, you can tap “Open” button below the app icon.

That’s how you can actually download vlc media player for firestick from amazon webstore. Did you notice it? we haven’t used the sideloading method to install vlc.

Make VLC As Default Video Player for Cinema HD on Firestick

  • Go to Your Apps section of firestick from the home screen.
  • Launch Cinema HD from the list of apps that you have installed on your fire tv stick.
  • Follow the path; Menu > Settings > General > Choose Default Video Player on cinema app.
  • Choose VLC Media Player from that list.

Open cinema hd on your firestick and choose the tv show, hit Play option. VLC Media player will be opened up on your firestick and starts playing the tv show that you have selected.

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Download & Install VLC Player on Android Phone, Tablet

If you weren’t not using vlc media player on your android phone, you might have missed a lot. Nevertheless, you can download it now by following the step by step guide written below.

  • Open Google Play store on your android phone.
  • Make sure that you have logged in to google play with your email id and password (Google Account).
  • Go to the top search bar, type “VLC for Android” and hit enter key on your phone.
  • Select the first from the results and hit “Install” button to start the installation process.
  • Once it is installed, that button will be changed to “Open” option. Hit that to launch the vlc media player on your android phone.

This is how you can download and install vlc media player on your android phone and tablet. It is a simple process, isn’t it?. Check out the step by step guide to install cinema apk on android if you haven’t installed it already.

Make VLC As Default Video Player for Cinema APK on Android Devices

  • Launch the cinema hd app on your android phone from the home screen.
  • Navigate to Settings of the cinema app from menu that you can get under the hamburger menu.
  • Click General option and you will see a big list of all the general settings of the app.
  • Don’t scroll down, just hit the first one from the list “Choose default video player”.
  • Select VLC Media Player from the list of available video players.

You are done! now you can launch cinema app and test if vlc is playing the video or not. If not, kindly comment below.

Download & Install VLC Media Player on Windows 10 PC, Mac

Don’t just go to in order to download vlc media player for your windows or mac pc. That way won’t be helping you because you are going to use vlc media player inside bluestacks. Since you are using cinema hd app inside bluestacks, you will have to install vlc inside bluestacks.

If you haven’t installed cinema app on your windows, you can read this guide to install cinema hd on pc and check out the instructions for cinema hd on mac as well. Okay, let’s go through the steps shared below.

  • Open up the bluestacks app player on your windows or mac. Haven’t downloaded it? let’s read this guide to install bluestacks on pc, mac and linux.
  • Once bluestacks is opened up, you have to open up the Google Play store. Don’t worry, google play will come with bluestacks by default.
  • Go to the search bar, type “VLC Media Player” and choose the first icon.
  • Now, install the vlc player on your pc or mac. The app will be installed inside bluestacks and it is an android version.

Make VLC As Default Video Player for Cinema HD on Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Open Cinema HD app on your pc, mac or ubuntu laptop using bluestacks app player. Go to the home screen of the app player to launch the app.
  • Once it is opened up, go to the Menu icon of cinema app.
  • Go down and click Settings.
  • Go to General settings of cinema app inside the emulator.
  • Choose the first option Choose default video player under the general settings.
  • A small window will be opened up and you can see VLC Media Player in that list at the end.
  • Choose that option to make VLC as a default video player for cinema app on your windows or mac or linux computer.

Now you can watch all your favorite movies, tv shows, series on your pc from cinema hd with the help of vlc media player.

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Some Tips To Get The Most Out Of VLC Player with Cinema HD

VLC Media Player has a lot of great qualities and that’s the reason why it’s one of the word’s best video players today. Let’s check out some tips and tricks of vlc that make your watch experience much better with cinema app on firestick, android and pc.

1. Use VLC As A Video Downloader

Open cinema app on your device and select any movie. You will get number of links under that movie, copy any link. Now, launch vlc media player and to Open Network Stream under Media settings.

Paste that link under Please enter a network URL: option and hit Play button. Go back to the Tools menu and navigate to Codec submenu. Copy the link which is available besides the Location: option.

Open any web browser on your android phone or pc or firestick. Past the url in the browser and hit enter, the video will now start playing.

Save that video file to your internet storage with the help of Save As option. Right clicking on the url link will give you the save as option. The file will be downloaded to your phone or pc or firestick.

2. Use It As Audio Equalizer

This feature will be very helpful if you want to take control on volume levels of the video. Sometimes, you get into the low volume video, you can increase the volume by following below settings.

Open up the vlc media player on your device and go to Tools menu. Scroll down to Preferences and then go to Audio settings. At the center of the screen, you will see a small check box and the option Normalize Volume To: here you can improve the volume levels.

Those are the most valuable tips from our side, you can explore a lot more useful features of vlc yourself. If you want to help our blog visitors, you can place comment the tricks that you know.

Final Review – Install & Integrate VLC As Default Video Player with Cinema HD for Better Audio & Video Quality

Cinema hd allows you select the vlc media player as your default video player. We have written the steps for installing vlc player on android, firestick, windows and mac above. You can just follow the instructions to integrate vlc and cinema hd for better performance.

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