Install Cinema HD APK on Kindle Fire Plus Tablet (All Gen)

Cinema HD is certainly the best movie app for amazon kindle fire devices. Kindle fire tablet was developed for reading e books conveniently. Kindle fire can be used to watch movies as well, we will show you how.

It is an android powered device and it has the ability to run android apps. Fire OS is the operating system of the amazon kindle fire, which is a fork of android operating system.

Let’s not wait any more as you can easily download cinema hd on kindle fire with the steps we have written below.

cinema hd for kindle fire

Is Kindle Fire Only for E-Books?

It was one of the most successful products from amazon. They have designed for all the book readers ou there. But you can install normal android apps and games as well. The screen of this device is not much suitable for movies.

But still, you can have a good time watching some movies with cinema hd on kindle fire. I hope you are ready to read the most beautiful guide to get cinema hd app.

Download Cinema HD APK for Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Downloading any app or game from google play is almost same in all android devices. But sideloading any app or game requires a different approach. You might have sideloaded apk files on android phone or firestick.

But sideloading cinema apk to kindle fire is completely different. Okay, let’s download the apk file before you jump into the actual installation process.

   Cinema HD APK Download

Go to that page and download the most recent version. Make sure that the file is downloaded completely before going through the steps below.

Install Cinema APK on Kindle Fire HD (All Generations)

  • Turn on your amazon kindle fire device and turn on the internet connection.
  • Open Settings of amazon kindle fire tablet.
  • Navigate to “Security” option which is available under the kindle fire tablet.
  • Scroll down a little bit until you see the “Advanced” sub menu.
  • In order to allow installation of applications that are not from play store, you need to turn on “Apps from unknown sources”.
  • Once it is enabled, you will be able to sideload all the apps and games of your choice effortlessly.
  • Go to the downloaded file location on your amazon kindle fire.
  • Search for the Cinema APK and tap the application, if you don’t see the app under downloads, you can get it now from here directly.
  • Tap “Install” option on the pop-up wizard, so that you will be able to finish installing cinema apk on your amazon kindle fire.

It’s as simple as that dear readers. The same process works pretty well on all versions of the amazon kindle fire. If you have any further doubts, feel free to comment below the post for the answers.

Configure Performance Settings Of Cinema HD on Kindle Fire

The purpose of kindle fire is downloading and reading books. So you cannot expect maximum performance of cinema app which requires a lot of system resources. Making changes to the performance settings of cinema app on amazon kindle fire would help in such a case.

  • Go to hamburger menu at the left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and hit Settings to open up the cinema settings on your kindle fire hd.
  • Tap Performance (2nd option) under settings.
  • Make sure to turn off Show HD Only option. Turning off this feature will help the load speed of movies and shows on kindle fire.
  • Filter out CAM Quality option can also be turned off based on your choice. If you don’t want to watch the shows and movies of lowest quality, you can turn it off.
  • Low Profile should be turned “ON” for the best performance of link resolver in the app. Make sure you restart your kindle fire to apply the changes.
  • Toggle “ON” Sort links ordered by size to get the clear information about the video size of the movie and tv show. It will help you in faster loading of the app.
  • Turn “OFF” Keep service alive in background option to stop the app working in the backend. The app won’t use your system resources while it is not in use.

Those are the settings you can follow in order to reduce the heavy load on your device performance. Configure the settings alternatively to match your choices with your device resource levels.

Configure Subtitles Settings Of Cinema On Kindle Fire HD Tablet

If you want to configure the settings of subtitles, go through the guide shared below.

  • Go to the menu section of cinema and navigate to the settings of it.
  • Go down and tap Subtitle option under the settings.
  • Tap the first option to choose the default subtitle, pick your comfortable language from the list. Here you can choose multiple languages as well. Hit “OK” after you are done with the selection.
  • Tap subtitle color to pic your favorite color for the text to display. A flower like wheel will be opened up on the screen, you can pick the color you want. Or, you can type the hex color code manually to get your favorite color for the subtitles.
  • Come back to the subtitle settings and tap subtitle font size option. Here you can choose the size of the subtitles from Small, Extra Large of anything in between such as Medium and Large.

I hope this will add some value to the time you have spent on reading this article. If you would like to know about any other settings, comment below this post.

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Final Review – Download Cinema APK on Kindle Fire

Even though kindle fire is meant for e-books and a very few android apps, you can still run movie apps such as cinema hd. But, kindly note that the watching experience may be different on amazon kindle fire to that of the firestick 4k.

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