Movie HD APK Download for Android – Activation Code & Errors [Fixed]

Let’s talk about Movie HD APK for Android in this article. We have come to know that movie hd app is one of the underrated movie apps available for free online. Let us go through this article to understand everything about downloading and installing of the app on your android phone, pc and firestick.

We have also tried our best to help you get the movie hd activation code in this article. Stick to this article to get the solutions to fix the errors of the app.

movie hd apk

Everything You Need To Know About Movie HD APP

Movie HD is the oldest movie app available for android smartphones. It is one of the most safest and reliable movie apps that we have as of now.

With Movie HD 5.1.3, you will be able to watch the trending tv shows and movies on your phone. With some tweaks, you can watch all the hd movies and shows even without real debrid and all debrid.

The saddest part of the app is that, it is not available for download from google play. Moreover, it is seen that you will need movie hd activation code in order to run the app on your phone.

Those two are the biggest challenges that every mobile user is currently facing. Okay, let’s see the solutions for those issues along with some of the app errors in this article.

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Benefits You’ll Get With MovieHD APK

1. Easy To Use

It is a simple android app built with html5 and it is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be technically great in order to start using the app.

You will see everything on the home page of the app. With navigation menus, you can navigate between different sections very easily.

2. Attractive UI

The user interface of moviehd app is very clear and it was built with love towards their users. You won’t see anything mess up inside the app.

I won’t think a second to tell you that the user interface is not update from a very long time. It may look decent but it’s way older than the UI that you see in latest movie apps such as Cuco TV or AstonCine.

3. High Quality Content

The content that you get inside the app is of highest possible quality. Most of the movies and tv shows that you can browse through are at least 720p. Sometimes, you will be able to watch the 1080p and 4K movies as well.

Of course, it serves some low quality stuff as well. But you can just skip watching such movies or shows and that’s your choice though.

4. No Registrations & Logins

Since the app servers a purpose, users of the app don’t need to create an account. There is no need to log into the app expect for the movie hd apk activation code.

Let’s talk about the activation code part later in this article. But, in general, there is no such account registrations, etc.

5. Popular Content

No matter from which location you are browsing the movie hd apk on your phone. You are eligible equally with others in getting the popular movies and shows.

You can simply watch all the shows and movies with just a single click. Don’t worry if you don’t find something inside the app, you can get it through the search box.

Disadvantages Of MovieHD APK

Along with the above mind blowing features, it also have some negatives. Some of the disadvantages are as follows,

1. No Settings Menu

Settings menu is missing very badly in this app. Users cannot configure the settings according to their choices and preferences.

You can just use this app to watch the suggested content. It is highly impossible to tweak the settings such as default screen of the app, subtitles, etc.

2. Requires Third Party Video Player

There is no default video player available in movie hd apk as of now. Even though it is one of the easiest movie apps for newbies, video player is not available.

The app suggests downloading AMPlayer from google play store. Of course, it is a nice video player that can help you with the subtitles, etc.

3. No Real Debrid

The Real Debrid is not available in this app. It is very difficult for you to get the HD Movies and Shows without real debrid.

Since there is no all debrid support too, you can just watch the listed movies and shows. You can go for the Ultra HD content for now.

Movie HD APK Download for Android Devices [v5.1.3]

I hope you have got some basic idea about movie hd apk latest version so far. Even though it has some disadvantages in terms of settings, real debird, all debird and trakt tv, most of the users would want it on their phones.

  Movie HD APK

We have shared the resource of the official website above. Kindly note that we are not encouraging you to download the app.

As a blogger, I have the curiosity to write about apps and web portals. That’s the reason why I have included Movie HD article on this website.

Install Movie HD APK on Android Devices

The installation instructions are as follows,

  • Download Movie HD APK for Android from the above download link.
  • Save the apk file to your phone and do not disturb the download process at all.
  • Go to “Downloads” folder on your phone.
  • Tap “MovieHD_v5.1.3.apk” file from the downloads folder.
  • Click “Install” button in order to start the installation process.
  • Do not disturb the installation process while movie hd app on android is getting installed.
  • Once, installation is finished, you will see two options namely, “Done” and “Open”.

movie hd app on android

That is it guys! you have successfully installed movie hd on android phone. The app has a default app updater inside it. So, you don’t need to update the app manually as that will update the current version automatically.

Install Movie HD APK on Firestick 4K & Fire TV Stick Lite

If you are looking for a guide to installation on firestick, check out the below steps.

  • Go to the Settings of your firestick.
  • Navigate to Apps from unknown sources from the Developer Options that you can find under Settings.
  • Turn On Installations from unknown sources and hit “Turn On” if you see any notification on the screen.
  • Go to the search bar using the remote of your firestick.
  • Search for “Downloader” and install the downloader app on your fire tv. If you have already installed it, you don’t need to do it again.
  • Open the downloader app and then move to browser section.
  • Type the url without quotation marks :- “”
  • You will straightaway land on this page on your firestick via downloader app’s browser.
  • Scroll down and download movie hd apk for firestick from the download section.
  • Hit “Install” once downloading the file is over and on-screen notification appears.
  • Finally, hit “Delete” to remove the installed apk file from your firestick’s internal storage.

That is is guys! now you have movie hd on firestick.

Install Movie HD on PC [Windows & Mac]

In order to install movie hd app on pc, you need to have bluestacks app player. Check out the detailed guide to Install Bluestacks on Windows, MacOS.

  • Download Movie HD APK for PC or Mac from the above download section of this page.
  • Launch the bluestacks app player once you area ready with the bluestacks app player on your pc.
  • Go to “Install APK” icon which can be found at the right side menu of bluestacks.
  • A file opener window will now show up on bluestacks.
  • Select MovieHD_5.1.3.APK file and hit “Open” and then you do nothing.
  • Sit back while bluestacks is installing the selected apk file on your windows or mac pc.
  • Once installation is over, you will see Movie HD App on the home screen of the bluestacks.

You can now tap that app’s icon to launch the app. That’s it guys, this is all about installing an apk file on bluestacks.

Install Movie HD on iOS Devices [iPhone, iPad] – No Jailbreak

In order to install the app on your iOS device, you need to take help from any third party app store.

  • Go to tutu app’s official website or tutu box website on your iOS device.
  • Install tutubox on your iPhone or iPad for this instance.
  • Launch tutubox app now.
  • Search for “MovieHD” inside tutubox app.
  • Hit “Get” option and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

That is it guys! you have movie hd on iPhone, iPad now. The same process can be followed with tweakbox or appvalley as well.

Install Movie HD on Chromecast Google TV

Google TV is the latest tv box that we all have in the market. Check out the instructions shared below.

  • Connect the google tv to your non-smart tv or android tv.
  • Go to settings and open up the developer options. Turn on “Installations from unknown sources” on your google tv chromecast.
  • Download the downloader app on your google tv from the app store.
  • Open up the downloader app and go to “”.
  • Download Movie HD APK for Chromecast and follow the on-screen instructions for the installation.

The old google chromecast cannot install apps and you should use allcast and receiver apps. But the latest google tv with chromecast can install the app with the above method.

Movie HD Activation Code – For All Devices

From the recent update (v5.1.3), you should require the movie hd apk activation code in order to use the app on your device. Follow the instructions in order to get the activation code on your device.

  • Open Movie HD App on your android phone (let’s say you are on android phone currently).
  • Go to the menu and scroll down all the way till you see the option “Activation Code”.
  • Hit that option and then hit “Get Code”
  • That will take you to the official website of movie hd app; “”.
  • Hit “Get Activation Code for Free!” option.
  • That will now ask you to log in with your gmail account.
  • Log in and grant necessary permissions to receive the movie hd free activation code.
  • Copy the code and open up the movie hd app on your android phone or tablet.
  • Paste the activation code inside moviehd app and hit save.

That’s it! now you have successfully entered the movie apk activation code on your android device.

How To Fix Movie HD No Connection Retry Error?

Movie HD No Connection, Retry error is quite irritating one for many android users especially. Don’t worry, we are going to fix it now.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first possible reason is a weak internet connection. Make sure that the wireless network that you have connected to, have active internet.

Try to change the network and try things again. If the issue is because of the network connection, you will see that the app starts working fine from now.

2. Clear App Cache & App Data

Sometimes, you will movie hd no connection retry error because of the app’s expired cache and local app data.

Go to the home screen of your mobile phone, select the app and hold it for sometime to get the options. Choose “Properties” and hit “Clear Cache” option to clear the app cache. In the same manner, you need to clear the “App Data”.

3. Update Movie HD App To Latest Version

In general, movie hd app will get updated automatically because it has auto updater. If you don’t see the app gets updated automatically, you will have to remove the app from your phone first.

Download a fresh copy of movie hd latest version on your phone. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it again. Try things, I hope you won’t get disappointed this time for sure.

4. Wrong Activation Code

Sometimes, the wrong activation code will generate this error. So, it is suggested to generate the activation code of movie hd app now again.

Follow the above instructions to update the activation code on your phone. This will help you fix the issue and you can start watching the shows and movies from now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Movie HD Safe To Watch?

Yes, as far as we believe. We haven't received any negative reports regarding the safety of the user data with the app.

Is Movie HD illegal?

Most of the free movie apps out there are not legal because they provide content from their servers. But Movie HD doesn't fall into that category according to the note from the app's developer. They have developed this app to act between users and web as a search engine for movies. So, it is safe to use this app as far as you don't violate any rules on your own.

Can I Download Movies and Shows With MovieHD?

Yes, you can download the movies and shows to watch them later when you don't have active internet connection. But it is highly impossible to download the movies or shows to the internal storage of your device.

How Can I Download Movie HD on Smart TV?

Just like you install unknown apps on your smart tv, you can install this app too. But you must enable installation of apps from unknowns sources under developer options.

Can I Download Movie HD for Roku?

No! roku is non android device and there is no android emulator available as of now. So, you cannot install movie hd on roku at any cost.

Final Review – Movie HD APK Installation & Activation With Code

Movie HD is the a wonderful movie app provide tv shows of highest quality as well. You can download and install the app on your android phone, firestick, smart tv, pc and iOS. Kindly follow the instructions available on this website for movie hd activation with free code and fix errors. Comment below if you have any doubts about the app installation and usage.

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