Install Cinema HD on PS4, PS3 With Plex [Working]

Sony playstations are pre-loaded with Orbis OS which is fork of FreeBSD which was released back in 2012. Whereas, Cinema HD APK is suitable for installations on android devices and ps4, ps3 won’t support that. What should we do in order to install cinema hd apk on ps4 and ps3? let’s check that out in this article today.

plex for cinema hd on ps4

Everything You Need To Know About Sony PlayStation and Orbis OS

As mentioned earlier, playstations from sony uses the modified version of FreeBSD which is similar to Linux operating system. You can check how to install cinema hd on linux but FreeBSD and Linux are not same at all.

Even though it was an open-source software, there is no android emulator available for them as of now. So, you cannot use cinema apk on playstation4, playstation3 either directly or indirectly.

How To Install Cinema HD APK on PS4, PS3 in 2023?

We don’t want to waste your time by providing you the unnecessary guides related to screen cast and screen mirroring. In such a case, we can use the alternative to kodi, which is nothing but “Plex”. It is a media server with which you can watch all the photos and movies on your playstation from your phone.

  • Connect the playstation4 or playstation3 with your smart tv.
  • Make sure that the sony playstation is connected to a stable wireless internet connection.
  • Go to home screen of the sony playstation and navigate to “Popular” section which is available at the top.
  • Scroll down a little bit and search for “Plex” in the search bar.
  • Hit “Install” button and finish installing plex on your ps4 or ps3 by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Sign in to plex with your email id (if account is already created). Otherwise, kindly create a plex account and choose the account type based on your personal choice. You may opt in for free trail or go with a premium plan.
  • Now, open google play store on your android phone.
  • Search for “Plex” and install it on your phone by going through the on-screen instructions.
  • Open up the plex app on your phone once it is successfully installed.
  • Login to plex app with the same account that you have logged in on your playstation.
  • Moreover, make sure that both the devices (playstation and your android phone) connected to the same wireless network.
  • Now you will get the content which is available in your phone’s local storage, right on your playstation.

From now onwards, you can watch all your photos, listen to music, watch movies on playstation directly from your phone.

How to Download Movies from Cinema HD App on PS4, PS3

We all know that we can download movies and tv shows from cinema hd app. All those downloaded movies, shows will be saved inside the app you cannot get them to your gallery. But you can download movies from cinema hd to phone gallery using some third party app. Let’s check that process below.

  • Open Google Play store on your android phone and search for Advanced Download Manager. Or you can directly download the app from this play store link.
  • Once you finish installing the download manager on your phone, open up cinema app.
  • Choose the movie or a tv show that you want to download to your phone’s internal memory or sd card.
  • Choose any link under the movie and tap “Open With” option.
  • Select Advanced Download Manager app from the list.
  • Once you hit that option, movie will be downloaded to your phone’s internal storage with the help that app.
  • Wait for sometime, check back later to see if the movie is completely downloaded.

I guess you will be able to see your favorite movie or a tv show on your phone’s video gallery. Now you can use plex media server to cast that movie from phone to PS4 or PS3.

How To Watch Movies & Shows on PS4, PS3 With Cinema HD?

If you have gone through the instructions shared above, you will notice that we talk about downloading movies with downloader app. We have discussed about installing plex app on phone and playstation in the first part. Make sure to connect your phone and playstation to access downloaded movies from phone.

There comes the question about cinema hd. How can I watch movies of cinema hd app on my playstation4 or playstation3 with plex on phone and ps4?. We are going to talk about that now.

  • Open plex app on your android phone or tablet.
  • Hit Cast option as shown below.
  • Pair your PS4/PS3 with the plex app on your android phone.
  • Once it is paired, go to media section on your phone (inside plex app).
  • Choose the movie that you want to cast to playstation console.

It is as simple as that, dear visitors. The process looks little complicated and lengthy but it works like a charm. Try it out today and comment below your personal experience with streaming movies from cinema app to ps4, ps3.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people are in confusion about the cinema hd app and playstation. We have got some questions from our blog readers, you can read them with the answers below.

Can't I Really Download Cinema APK On My PS4?

You cannot install cinema apk on your ps4 because they both share different platforms of operating system. Moreover, there is no workaround available for direct and indirect installation.

Can I Install Cinema HD App Through Kodi On Playstation?

First of all, you cannot run kodi on your playstation. Obviously, you cannot install or run cinema hd through kodi on your playstation.

Is There Any Android Emulator for PS4 to Install Cinema APK?

No, it's not yet available. Android emulators are available for windows, mac and linux operating systems as of now but not for Orbis OS (FreeBSD).

Can You Suggest Any Alternative App for My PS4, PS3?

Tubi TV is the number one alternative application for your playstation. You can watch a lot of movies and tv shows from the tubi tv app and the best part is, it's available in the playstation app store.

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Final Review – Cast Cinema App To PS4, PS3 Using Plex

It’s always recommended to avoid false statements if somebody says through their articles or videos. We always try our best to provide the genuine stuff and tricks that actually work in this page. So, you can easily spend your quality time by watching all your favorite movies and shows on your playstation. Kindly comment below if still have any doubts or questions regarding this.

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