Install Cinema HD APK on Roku Stick In Less Than 2 Minutes

Would you like to install cinema hd apk on roku? let me tell you something crazy about it in this article. Roku stick provides the simplest way to watch movies and tv on your smart tv in a convenient way. If you have used firestick with your tv, you might have noticed that firestick is a much better device than roku stick.

There are multiple reasons behind why firestick is better than roku. It is a non-android powered device and it doesn’t allow installation of android apps by any means.

No single method is available for installing cinema hd apk on roku. But you can watch the movies from cinema app on roku with the help of your phone. We should also take help from one more app called “AllCast”.

Requirements For This Process To Work

  • Android Phone
  • Roku Stick (Latest Version)
  • An active Internet connection
  • All Cast App for Android
  • All Cast Receiver App for Roku Stick

Download Cinema HD for Roku Stick Under 2 Minutes

It hardly takes less than 2 minutes to finish this process but not the article. So, we recommend you to completely check out the article to understand how the entire process work. Some people in the internet say the process is effortless and easy but that is not right.

cinema hd for roku

You have to follow the instructions carefully in order to be able to watch movies and tv shows on your roku stick from cinema hd app.

Since the process is indirect, you will have to install two apps from the same developer on your devices. First step involves the installation of all cast app on your android phone and the later involves the installation of all cast receiver on your roku stick.

Step 1: Install All Cast App on your Android Phone

  • Open google play store on your android phone.
  • Search for the “all cast” application in google play and tap the first app from the list that you have got after searching.
  • Hit “Install” button and finish the installation process of the application.
  • Come back to the home screen of your android phone and turn on the wifi connection.
  • Kindly disconnect from any other wifi network on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Install All Cast Receiver App on your Roku Stick

  • Connect the roku stick to your smart tv and make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  • Open Roku Store on your tv.
  • Search for the “All Cast Receiver” in the roku store.
  • Install the app and finish the formalities involved in the process of installation.
  • Come back to the home screen of your phone.

Step 3: Install Cinema HD APK on Your Android Phone

  • If you have already installed the cinema hd apk on your android phone, you can directly go to step 4. Otherwise, you have install cinema apk on your android phone by following the guidelines shared in this article.

Step 4: Connect Your Android Phone and Roku Stick to Watch Movies on Your TV

  • Open cinema hd app on your android phone and make sure that the wifi is turned on.
  • Choose any movie or tv show on your phone that you want to watch on your smart tv.
  • You will get the links to watch that particular movie on your phone.
  • Tap and hold any link from the available links of that movie or a tv show.
  • Select, “Open with All Cast” option.
  • Once you tap that option, cinema hd app will open up the all cast on your phone.
  • All cast app will now search for the nearby available devices with active all cast receiver app.
  • Tap the roku stick on your phone and establish the connection on your tv and your phone.
  • Once the connection is successful, you will be able to watch the movie or a tv show on your tv from your mobile phone.

These 4 steps are very important for the entire process to work properly. If you have any doubts, you can just comment below for the help. Otherwise, enjoy all your favorite movies and tv shows without any kind of interruptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cinema Available On Roku?

No! cinema is not avaialable on roku tv stick.

Can You Put Cinema HD on Roku?

No! you cannot actually install cinema hd on roku tv stick. But you can stream / cast cinema to roku using All Cast and All Cast Receiver apps.

Why Can't I Download Cinema HD on Roku?

Cinema hd is an android application which can only be installed on android devices and firestick, android tv boxes and pcs using android emulators. Roku doesn't support android apps and it doesn't even have any android emualator.

Is Cinema Only On Firestick?

No! it is not just available for firestick devices but also available for the Android TVs, Smart TVs and Android TV Boxes.

Final Review – To Install Cinema APK on Roku Stick, You Need Local Cast App and An Android Phone

Even though roku is non-android device, you can still get cinema hd app’s content onto your roku stick. Let me tell you one more alternative app called as “Local Cast” and “Local Cast Receiver” app. If you have any unresolved doubts or questions, you can seek our help by commenting below this post, thank you.

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