192.168.l.l – What Is It? Everything You Need To Know About

192.168.l.l is one of the most popular ip addresses that is being used by a lot of router companies as their default gateway address. Confused? nothing to worry, we are going to crack down complete details about ip address in this article. By the time you finish reading this post, you will be able to log into 192.168.l.l gateway address and make required changes to your wifi connection.

First things first, you must be using a router at home or office. Otherwise, you should be using at least a wifi dongle for wireless internet connection for work or entertainment or infotainment purpose. Then, you must know the default gateway address of that particular router or wifi dongle or a modem router.

192.168.l.l login

There are countless number of routers available from various popular brands across the globe as of today. Each brad will have their unique router ip address as their default gateway address. But remember, there is a range and the ip address should be in that range only. Majority of the router companies use 192 series, 255 series, 10 series and so on. Let’s find out what’s the ip address of your router.

How To Find Your Router’s IP Address [Default Gateway Address]?

Most of routers across different countries of the globe uses as their default gateway address. You may also use this as your router’s ip address but wait, there is a catch. Why there are numerous gateway addresses available since every router can use 19216811 ip address?. You need to know something but yeah, it’s not necessary I guess.

Let’s not divert the topic by discussing everything that you might not be interested in. Let’s focus on finding out the IP address of your wifi router or modem router.

Method 1 – Through User Manual Of Your Router

This is the most simplest method that you can follow in order to get your router’s default gateway address. Every router comes with a user manual in which all the details such as IP address, subnet mask address and configuration information will be mentioned.

If you have a box with you, read the manual and you will definitely find the IP address from there. Otherwise, you can follow the next method shared below.

Method 2 – Through Command Prompt [Windows, Mac, Linux]

This method works only on personal computers or desktops and laptops. If you have a laptop that is connected wirelessly or via Local Area Network connection, you can make use of this method.

Turn on your pc and go to the search bar and enter “command prompt”. Launch the command prompt aka terminal. Type ipconfig without quotes and hit enter.

Now, you will be able to see the default ip address of your router box. Let’s say, for example, the ip address is 192.168.l.l. Copy that and save it somewhere on your pc for future references.

How To Login To 192.168.l.l IP Address?

It is a simple method since you have came across the most difficult part of the procedure already. Just follow the step by step instructions shared below for a successful login to your router’s admin portal. Login

  • Open the browser on your mobile phone or a personal computer as a first step of this process.
  • Type in the url section of the browser and hit that enter button.
  • Otherwise, you may enter directly without any http:// in front of the ip address.
  • Now, you will see the home page of 192.168.l.l portal with all the options for logging in.
  • Enter the username and password and hit login button in order to get into the dashboard of the portal.

This is how you can log into your router’s admin panel easily from any device. But, you should know the fact that this can be done from any device that is connected to your router via LAN or Wifi.

Default Username and Password for Portal

Your router will have a default username and a password that you may use for logging in. But, it can only be used when you haven’t changed the password in the past. If you have changed the password already and not yet reset the router box, you have to either use the password that you have changed or reset the router box.

  • Default Username of – admin
  • Default Password of 192.168.l.l – admin (or) password

The above details are not working? don’t worry, here is a simple trick for you. Follow the steps carefully and you can comment below if you need a hand in the process.

How To Reset 192.168.1.l Login Details?

Follow this method only if you are unable to log into 192.168.l.1 gateway address. It’s because, you are about to reset all the settings of your router which includes but not limited to the username, password, parental controls, blocked websites and other settings.

  • Go to the router box and make sure it is connected to power.
  • Now, you may not need to connect your computer or a mobile device to this network since it has nothing to do with.
  • Press the reset button which is there at the back of the router box for at least 15 seconds.
  • Do not release the button while the LED lights are blinking in the router box.
  • Now, you need to restart the router to apply the changes done by router reset process.
  • Once it is restarted, connect your computer or mobile phone to the router’s wireless connection and follow the logins steps mentioned about.

**Important Tips**

Do not enter the wrong ip addresses that are mentioned below. Always make sure to enter the correct ip address.

  • 192.168.i.i
  • 192.168.l.l
  • 192.168.ll
  • 192168ll
  • 192.168.11
  • www.192.168.l.l
  • www.192.168.ll
  • www.19216811.com

I hope that helps, thanks.

Final Review – 192.168.l.l Login, Default Username & Password, Reset

Okay guys, I hope you learnt something from this article. We are happy to help you with our content on this blog. Support us by sharing this guide with your friends and family members through whatsapp or telegram group. So that, they can also easily understand how to login to ip address and make changes to their router at home and office.

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