How To Install Cinema HD APK on Google Chromecast Old Version

With Cinema HD on Chromecast, you can watch a bunch of hd movies and series. It is already proven that you cannot install cinema apk on your google chromecast. But you can install any android app on your chromecast with google tv effortlessly.

Keep that aside and look out method that we have shared on this page. It will guide you through your installing cinema hd on your chromecast old version.

cinema hd chromecast

1. Can I Download Cinema HD on Chromecast?

No, you cannot install cinema hd on your chromecast because it’s just a device which goes into your tv’s HDMI port. It will make your android tv compatible for screen casting through chromecast.

But you can download cinema hd on google tv 4k. It comes with default storage space and the ability to install apps from app store and third party stores.

2. How Do I Watch Movies on My Chromecast?

Since chromecast is just a device that can turn any normal tv into a smart tv via a HDMI port, you can connect your phone to the tv.

So that, it allows you watch movies and play games on your tv from phone or laptop or computer. We have written a step by step guide below. It will help you screencast movies from cinema app to chromecast with all connect app.

How To Stream Cinema HD to Chromecast using “All Connect“

This one is a better question among all of them listed above. You can cast movies and shows to your tv with chromecast but you need another gadget for the purpose to fulfill.

Let’s say, you have android phone, chromecast and a tv. Connect that chromecast to your tv and use cinema hd on your phone to cast all the content you love to watch on your tv with the help of that chromecast.

But before that, you need to have cinema hd installed on your smartphone. You can check out the detailed guide to Install Cinema HD APK on Android.

  • Connect the chromecast to your tv (probably the smart tv).
  • Please check the HDMI Port whether the connection is good or not. Also make sure to connect your tv to any home wifi network or mobile hotspot.
  • Open your android phone and, I guess you have already installed cinema on your android phone. If not, you can download cinema hd apk for android now.
  • Open Google Play Store and search for “All Connect” app.
  • Install that app and keep your phone aside for sometime.
  • Go to Google Play Store on your Chromecast and search for “All Connect Receiver” app.
  • Install the app and do not close google play while it is getting installed.
  • Now, make sure that both your android phone and google chromecast are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Select any movie of your choice, on cinema app.
  • Choose “Cast” icon or there will be an option under every movie and video inside the cinema hd app.
  • Establish the connection between your phone and chromecast with the support of All Connect.
  • Now, you can easily watch all your favorite movies on chromecast from cinema app.

Even though it sounds simple, the connection between both the devices should be proper. Otherwise, it won’t work out and it will become a time wasting process for you.

[Alternative] Screencast Cinema HD Movies with Chromecast

If you are not comfortable with the above process, you can follow this method. In this method, you are going to first download the movies from cinema hd app on your phone. Then you can screencast those movies to chromecast from your phone without allcast app.

  • Go to google play store and search for “Video Downloader”.
  • Tap “Install” option to start installing the video downloader app developed by InShot Inc.
  • Tap “Open” option when you see that the app is installed completely.
  • Go back to the home screen of your phone, launch cinema hd app if you have installed already.
  • Choose the movie that you want to watch on your chromecast.
  • Pick the stream now and select “Open With” option.
  • Some options will be shown on the screen like in the image above.
  • Hit “Download” option to download that movie using the video downloader app.
  • Open the downloader app once you confirm that the downloading is over.
  • Connect your phone with the chromecast by going through the online instructions.
  • Choose the movie on your video downloader app and start screencasting to chromecast.

This is much more easiest method because you will have the movie on your phone. You can screencast it anytime without active internet and whenever you want.

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Final Review – Download Cinema HD APK on Chromecast

It’s definitely not possible to install cinema hd apk on chromecast because the device can only be used for casting and mirroring movies and shows from phone or laptop to the tv. If you ever wish to watch some movies or shows on cinema hd, try to follow the instructions shared above.

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