Cinema V2 – Download & Install Cinema APK v2 on Android [All Brands]

Cinema V2 is the most successful version of Cinema HD App despite receiving a lot of errors. The initial releases of version 2 has had some issues with real debrid, trakt synchronization, backup and restore. But Cinema APK V2.4.0 is the one which is getting a lot of positive response from the users.

Initially, the developers have released a beta version (Cinema v2.4.0 Beta) to test some features. Later, they have improved the app a lot to provide us the error free experience with v2.4.0. If you haven’t installed it on your device, you can read this guide till the end.

On this article, we have provided the crystal clear instructions to install cinema apk android version on all your android smartphones. Don’t worry, we will take care of the unknown sources part as well. You just need to focus on the instructions that we have shared below.

Highlights Of Cinema APK V2 [2.4.0]

1. Season Pack Updates

It is clearly seen that cinema v2 apk has been tested for various issues regarding season pack when in beta version. They have fixed all the issues such as incorrect season pack details, incorrect thumbnails, missing links, etc.

They have come up this time with outstanding update to it. Now, you can easily get compete information about every season along with the date (ex: January 2022) besides it. Also, you will be able to see the information related to the number of watched episodes on top of that particular season (ex: 0/5 watched).

Under “Overview” section, you will be able to see the date of release, rating, and featuring info. Recommendations tab will through you some good recommendations from the app based on the current show that you are viewing.

2. Synchronizing Favorites With Trakt on Cinema

Cinema V2 APK has been updated to fix the issues with trakt synchronization. It helps in synchronizing the favorites, watchlist with trakt. Means that, you will be able to upload your favorites to trakt service without any problems.

It will help you restore them on a different device with Cinema HD or with a different movie app. If you have been using the Cinema HD Old Version, consider reading the detailed guide attached below to update it.

3. Backup & Restore Has Been Enhanced

The backup and restore feature of Cinema v2 APK now allows you take a backup whenever you want. It has become a lot easier with the latest version to restore the backup file on your device.

Earlier, it wasn’t allowing the backup process because of a glitch. Now you can take the backup of all your watched shows, movies, documentaries without any kind of misconfigurations.

You may also export the list of all your favorites and app settings. It includes but not limited to app preferences, performance settings, subtitle settings, default player settings, etc.

4. Auto Connect Player Plugin for Cinema V2 App

With the help of cinema app player plugin, you will be able to connect your phone and tv. It has become a lot easier to stream the movies and shows on your tv by using your phone.

For that, you need to download the player plugin app on your device which is available on our Cinema HD Download Page.

Earlier, the auto connect feature was not working as expected. But the latest cinema app v2 is truly amazing in terms of the ease of streaming on tv directly from phone.

5. Enhanced Auto Play Options for Cinema App

With the current version Cinema v2.4.0, you will be able to get a variety of settings with respect to Auto Play. It allows you play the next episode (TV/Show) after finishing the currently watching one.

You can also opt in for “Auto next with first subtitle in list” option to play the video that has subtitles. Moreover, you can easily customize the number of links to auto play next (TV/Show) from 4 to 38.

The default number will be 10 but you can set anything in between 4 and 38. The better the number of available links, the better the streaming experience will be.

6. Refined Security

The Cinema HD Latest Version allows you with a number of security options. You can put the password for search, categories. It means that you need to enter the password in order to be able to search for any show or movie using the built-in search bar.

This feature will be super useful for Firesticks and Android TV Boxes along with Smart TVs. This way, you can control a lot of things at home and avoid your children from getting into unwanted movies and shows.

7. Keep Service Alive In Background

With the current cinema hd apk v2, you can control the background service. Earlier, you were unable to configure these settings and everything was running at the backend.

Now, you may turn it on if you are downloading any content from the app or turn it off if not using. It will help you a lot with content downloading and content loading for offline streaming.

Cinema V2 APK Download for Android Smartphone & Tablet

Here, you will be able to download the most recent and updated cinema apk v2. Since we are not official website and owner of the app, we took this link from Cinema v2 Official website (

   Cinema HD APK Download

So, you can download the app from the above page. Do not forget to come back to this page to see the instructions regarding unknown sources and app installation.

Also Check:

Enable Unknown Sources Settings On Android Devices

The first time users have to go through certain settings in order to be able to install the app. Otherwise, it is highly impossible to install cinema hd apk on your android device.

unknown sources for cinema download

We have made this section with pure love on our blog visitors. Divided the unknown sources part for each popular mobile brand. Let’s get started with the settings, then you can install the app.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Plus, Note 20, S20 FE, Z Fold 2, A52, A71 5G, M Series

  • Open Settings on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Scroll down and open “Biometrics and Security” section.
  • Scroll down till the end of the list and open “Install Unknown Apps”.
  • You will see a list of all the apps that you have currently installed on your phone.
  • Hit “Chrome” icon and turn on “Allow from this source” option.
  • Come back to the list and hit “My Files” icon and do the same there as well.

2. Google Pixel 5, 4a, 4 XL, 3 XL, 4, 4a 5G, 3, 3a

  • Launch your google pixel phone’s Settings app.
  • Click on “Apps & Notifications” section now.
  • Open “Advanced” tab now.
  • Hit “Special App Access” option now.
  • Tap “Install Unknown Apps” option right now.
  • Choose “Chrome” and turn on “Allow from this source” option now.

3. OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, 9R, Nord CE, 7T, 8T Pro, 6T, 5T

  • Open Settings app on your oneplus smartphone.
  • Scroll down and open “Apps & Notifications” menu now.
  • Scroll all the way down and hit “Special App Access” option.
  • Come down from the top of the list and open “Install unknown apps” settings.
  • Select “Google Chrome” icon from that list and turn on the unknown sources.

4. Hauwei Mate 40 Pro, P40 Pro, Lite, P30, Mate X2, Nova 7i, 5T, P Smart 2022

  • Launch Settings of your Hauwei smartphone from the app drawer.
  • Scroll down and click on “Security”.
  • Go down a bit and open “Unknown Sources” option on your smartphone.
  • Turn on or Toggle on the option besides unknown sources on your phone or tablet.

5. LG G8X ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, G6, G7+ThinkQ, Wing, Velvet, G8s ThinQ, V30+

  • Launch the Settings of your LG Smartphone.
  • Go to General Settings now.
  • Hit “Apps and Notifications” > “Special Access” > “Install Unknown Apps”.
  • Click on “Chrome” icon and turn on the unknown sources on your LG smartphone now.

6. Lenovo K8 Plus/Note, Z2 Plus, K6 Power, Zuk Z1, Vibe X3, Vibe S1, Vibe P1

Follow the below path to easily turn on the unknown sources on your lenovo smartphone.

  • Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps.
  • Select the app “Files” or “Google Chrome” and hit Allow from this source option.

7. Xiaomi Mi 10, 11X Pro, 10T Pro, K20 Pro, Poco X3 NFC, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Poco F3, Black Shark 3, Note 9/8/7

  • Launch Settings of your Mi Smartphone.
  • Open Password & Security options.
  • Scroll down a bit and open “Privacy” settings now.
  • Click on “Special App Access” option now.
  • Then, click on “Install unknown apps” option now.
  • Select Chrome from that list of installed apps on your Mi phone, note.
  • Toggle On the settings to right now.

8. Oppo F19, F17, K3, RENO 2F, A52, Find X2, RENO 4 Pro, RENO 5 Pro 5G

  • Launch Settings app from the app drawer of the oppo phone.
  • Scroll down and open up “Additional Settings”.
  • Come down in the list and launch “Device and Privacy”.
  • Scroll down and open “Apps installed from unknown sources” section.
  • Toggle on the bar available besides Google Chrome, Drive and Files.

9. Vivo V21 Pro, U3x, V20, Y73 2022, Vivo Y & V Series

Follow the path shared below to turn on the unknown sources to install cinema v2 on vivo smartphones.

  • Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Hit “OK”.

10. Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ Premium, C5 Ultra Dual, Z3 Compact, Z2, Z1 Compact

Launch the settings of your Sony Xperia or any other model and follow thee below path.

  • Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps

11. Motorola Edge Plus, Edge, One Zoom, Moto G 5G Plus, One Hyper, One Action, G9 Power, G9 Plus

The unknown sources settings for all models of the motorola smartphones is same. You may follow the above shared path to turn on the unknown sources settings on your phone.

In fact, most of the smartphone brands such as Nokia and Honor, Celkon also offers the same settings. If you cannot find out the settings with that path, you can search for unknown sources in settings.

Install Cinema v2 APK on Android Phones & Tablet

I hope, you have turned on necessary settings on your phone. If not, you cannot install cinema apk v2 on your phone at all. Okay, let’s move on the instructions that you have been waiting for.

  • Download Cinema APK V2 for Android phone or tablet from the afore mentioned page.

cinema v2 download

  • After the downloading is over, you will see the cinema v2 apk file on Downloads section of the chrome browser. You may refer the above image for some idea about it.
  • Click on the file since you have already enabled the unknown sources on your android device.

install cinema v2 apk

  • Now, click on that second option “Install” to initiate the installation procedure like a pro.

installing cinema v2 apk on android

  • You can see the installation process of the CinemaHD V2 APK file on your android phone now.

cinema apk v2 android

  • Once the app is successfully installed, you will see the options to launch and close the wizard. I recommend you click “Open” option now.

Conclusion – Cinema V2 APK Download for Android Devices

I hope you understand the fact that it is highly important to turn on installation of apps from unknown sources on your android phone. Go up and download cinema apk v2 for your android phone and follow the rest of the instructions. Once installed, you literally have no limits to watch the content and download movies. If you have already used cinema v2 apk on android, you can tell your experience in the comments below.

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