Flixoid APK Download for Android, Firestick, PC, Smart TV & iOS

Flixoid APK is a non-subscription based movie app that allows the users to watch movies and tv shows. It is an android app works only android powered devices. So, you can watch shows and movies using Flixoid on your phone just like Cinema HD.

You may watch and download the content to your phone from the app. In order to do all these tasks, you should first install it on your phone. Don’t you know how to install it? don’t worry, this is the article which is going to help you with a step by step installation process.

In this article, we have also included the steps to download flixoid apk for pc, firestick, android tv box and smart tv. Stick to this article till the end to understand the easiest yet safest method to install the app on your device.

Prominent Features Of Flixoid APK Latest Version

1. Backup & Restore History

Now, you can take a backup of the history and restore the same whenever you need it. The history includes your searches inside the app, the movie or shows that you have watched.

To access this feature, you can go to Settings from the hamburger menu of the app. The default path for this is /storage/emulated/0/Flixoid/Backup/watched_eps.backup.

You may also opt in for the “Auto backup data before update” option. This will save a lot of time for you because you don’t need to take a backup every time.

2. Refined Version of Real-Debrid Integration

Login to real debrid inside flixoid app to get the hd sources for all your favorite movies and shows. You can see the most refined version of Real Debrid in this app.

In every other app, you need to open up the web browser and enter the code that is displayed on your device. But, on flixoid app, you don’t need to open up a web browser in order to log into real debrid portal.

Just go to Real Debrid from the Settings; you will see the Real-Debrid Authorization code at the top of the window.

Copy that code and enter the same on the real debrid connect your device screen. Hit “Continue” and type in the username and password of the real debrid account and hit log in.

3. Login to AllDebrid Easily

You may use alldebrid service if you already have an account with you. All debrid is the guarantee for the maximum speed even when the internet connection is weak at your end.

Go to all debrid which is part of the settings of the app. Note down the authorization code and hit the link that you see below the auth code.

All debrid portal will be opened up in browser window. Enter the code and hit “Confirm this code” button in order to authorize the alldebrid service on your phone.

4. Premiumize Support

Flixoid apk does support premiumize and other popular services such as real debrid and all debrid. With a valid API Key, you can log into the service inside the app.

With premiumize, you will get content from premium hosts in the internet. Actually, it is not necessary to use this service but they have given the option and people may use it if needed.

5. Trakt.tv Support

Flixoid app allows you integrate your favorites and watchlist with trakt.tv service. You may log in to trakt tv inside the app and stay updated all the time.

This service is actually a very useful one because, all your favorites, watchlist and watched history will be saved to trakt tv cloud.

Whenever you log into trakt tv service on any other movie app, the old data will be synchronized there. This way, you will keep track of things in a right manner and there won’t be any kind of confusions about the shows and movies that you have watched and planning to watch in future.

6. External Video Player Support [VLC, MX Player]

The default video player of flixoid apk app is ExoPlayer. But the recommended video player is Sofa Player which you can download from the google play store.

On the other hand, you may also use VLC Player or MX Player as default player on flixoid app. To choose the default video player, you must have installed either of them on your phone.

Go to Settings and then scroll down a bit to find out the option “Default Player”. Then, you will be able to pick up MX Player or VLC Player as your default video player.

7. Customization of Subtitles

Customize subtitles to fit your taste with language, size and color of the subtitles. It is quite easy to configure these settings because flixoid updated version is the only app that support over 25+ languages for subtitles.

Moreover, you may select the size of the subtitles from 15 to 50. Subtitles are available in various colors such as White, Red, Green, Gray, Blue and Yellow.

Along with the above features, it has a lot of other features as well. You can go to Settings section of the app to access the pool of features at any time.

Flixoid App Information | Complete Details

App NameFlixoid APK
Also Known AsFlixoid TV
File Size28.42 MB
App VersionV2.7
Compatible DevicesAndroid, Firestick, Mi TV Stick, Smart TV, Windows, Mac

Flixoid APK Download for Android – Latest Version [v2.7]

The developer of the app is DavePA (daveparesh15). He didn’t uploaded the app to google play but the app is available for download from GitHub. We have shared the link of the app below, you may use it to download flixoid apk for android, firestick, pc and smart tv.

   Download Flixoid APK

What are you waiting for? get the latest version for your phone from the above link. Need help? place a comment below this post to get help from one of our blog admins.

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How To Install Flixoid APK on Android [STEPS]

The step by step installation of the app are as follows,

1. Go to the Settings of your smartphone or tablet.

2. Go to Apps & Notifications if you are using a OnePlus phone. On the other devices, you will have to go to Apps section.

3. Open App Permissions option on your android phone or tablet now.

4. Open up Install Unknown Apps section from the list of the settings that you see under app permissions.

5. Tap Chrome icon from the list of the apps that you have installed on your phone. If you can’t see Chrome on the scree, scroll down until you see it.

6. Turn on Allow from this source option under Chrome it is is turned off by default. Leave it untouched if the setting is turned on by default.

7. Go back to the home screen of your android phone or tablet.

8. Open up the Google Chrome web browser app on your device now.

9. Go to Downloads section of the chrome browser.

10. Now, you will see the list of files that you have downloaded using the chrome browser.

11. Tap “Flixoid_1_1.apk” file from the downloads list.

12. You will see the installation wizard on the screen of your android phone or tablet.

13. Hit the “Install” option that you see on the screen.

14. Do not close the app while it is getting installed on your phone. Don’t panic! it will take some time naturally to load the files to your phone’s internal ROM.

15. Once installation of the file is finished, you will see the options as shown in the image below.

16. Tap “Done” to wrap up the installation process.

17. Or, hit “Open” to start using the app on your phone from now.

This is actually a very simple process that any non technical person can also follow. If you need any help regarding unknown sources on your phone or installation of the app, you can comment below this page.

How To Use Flixoid App on Android Phones & Tablets?

Go back to the home screen of your phone from any opened app. Tap the app’s icon to launch it. You may see the changelog info and disclaimer, hit “OK” to continue.

  • The default screen of the app’s content is TV Shows. You may pick any of them from the home screen.
  • You may also use the search option [magnifier icon] to search for the show that you want to watch.
  • Drop down menu is available besides the hamburger menu.
  • Go to that drop down menu and select any category to get the content from that particular category.
  • Tap that hamburger menu and navigate to Movies section.
  • Under movies section, you will find a lot of old movies to the most popular movies to watch.
  • Select any of them from that screen or use the search bar to search and watch the available movies.
  • The default video player will be exoplayer but you may change that to VLC or MX Player under settings.
  • In case, if you want to download any content from the app, you will see the option below the show or the movie.

Usage steps are same for android and firestick devices. You don’t need to worry about anything because only layout will be changed from android phone to firestick or smart tv or android tv box.

Install Flixoid APK on Firestick Lite, 4K, 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen

You may want to download flixoid for firestick to watch some movies or shows. Check out the details you may be looking for below.

  • Open settings of your fire tv stick using the fire tv remote.
  • Go to my device or my fire tv section and then, select developer options from there.
  • Choose apps from unknown sources option and turn on the Unknown Sources. This is really important setting that you should enable in order to install any app on your firestick if that is not from the google play store.
  • Go to the search bar and search for “Downloader”.
  • Install the app by following the on-screen instructions. You may skip this step if you have already installed downloader app on your firestick.
  • Then, go to developer options again and select apps from unknown sources.
  • Choose Downloader from the list and turn on installation of apps from this source. This is important in order to download and install apps with the help of the downloader app.
  • Go back to the home screen of your firestick and open up the downloader app.
  • Hit “Allow” if prompted and then navigate to “Browser” section of the app.
  • Type https://cinemahdapk.info/flixoid-1-9 and hit enter button to land on this page.
  • Scroll down a bit and download flixoid apk for firestick from the download section.
  • Since you have already enabled unknown sources for downloader app, you don’t have to do it again now.
  • Installation will be started automatically, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions carefully now.
  • Hit “Install” button on firestick using the remote and wait for sometime.
  • Once installation is over, you may delete the file from the firestick storage.
  • Go back to the home screen of your fire tv stick and tap the app’s icon to launch it on your firestick.
  • Once it is launched, you may simply search for any movie or a show and watch it.

Need help? our comment box is open for queries. Place your question below this page and receive the answer from one of our admins as soon as possible.

Install Flixoid on PC Windows 10, 8.1, 7 & MacOS

Do you want to install this app on your macbook or windows 10 pc? let’s see the steps you should follow.

  • Download and install bluestacks android emulator on your windows or macbook. Read this guide to install bluestacks 5 emulator on pc.
  • Done with the installation of bluestacks? check out the below steps then.
  • Open up the bluestacks player on your windows or macbook and minimize the window for sometime.
  • Open a web browser on your pc and go to https://cinemahdapk.info/flixoid-1-1 to download the latest apk directly to your pc.
  • Once the file is downloaded completely, move it to the desktop location on your pc or laptop.
  • Launch bluestacks app player now again.
  • Go to the 6th icon from right side vertical menu of bluestacks player.
  • A new pop up window will be opened up now.
  • Select the apk file that you have downloaded and hit “Open” option.
  • Flixoid on pc will start installing required files and you don’t have to follow any more instructions now.
  • The icon of the app will be added to the home location of the bluestacks player.
  • Launch the app and choose the default video player as a next step.

That’s it! now you have the app on your pc and you can start watching the HD Movies and Shows like never before.

Install Flixoid on iOS Devices [iPhone & iPad]

It is not yet developed to suit for iOS devices because it is an android app. So, there is no single method available to get it on your iPhone or iPad.

I guess it’s a better idea to pick an alternative app rather than searching for something which doesn’t exists.


Go the above linked page to find out the apps available for your iPhone or iPad. All the apps listed in that list are working pretty well on all iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flixoid & Legal to use?

Yes! it is a safe application and we haven’t found anything wrong with app coding stuff like that as of now. So, you may install it on your devices based on your personal interest but don’t actually recommend you anything here.

Should I use VPN for Flixoid App?

It is not compulsory but you may use if you have any vpn subscription already. Otherwise, it’s your choice whether to use a VPN or not.

Can I download movies and tv shows with this app?

Of course, you can do it. But why you need to download the movies? as you can just watch them anytime without any hustling.

How do I install flixoid on smart tv?

Nothing innovative is involved in the entire process but you need the puffin browser. With the help of the puffin browser, you may install flixoid apk on smart tv. But don’t forget to enable the unknown sources settings on your smart tv.

Final Review – Flixoid APK Download for Android, Firestick, PC & iOS

It is a light weight movie app for all the android phones and tablets. You can download the app on your android phone, fire tv, smart tv and android tv box by following the above instructions. Have a question? ask us in the comments. We will try to include your question on your name with solution into FAQ.

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