Home Depot Health Check App Login – Benefits For THD Employees & Associates [2023]

This article is completely dedicated to The Home Depot Associates and deals with Home Depot Health Check Login process. If you have come to this article with the intention to know more about thd co home health check requirements and procedure, you are good to go further with this article.

Home Depot Health Check Login can be done from the store and home but there is a notable difference in the process among them. In general, The Home Depot Associate should fill thd co healthcheck form at the time of their arrival for their work schedule.

home depot health check mobile app

Just in case, if they want to fill the form from out of their schedule, they have to report the time and location in the form and some more additional details if required.

That is the basic information that any home depot associate may want to know about home depot health check login and form filling. Let’s discuss the process of logging in and filling the form including the questionnaire, benefits and much more now.

The Home Depot Health Check for Associates & SSC Non-Associates

The home depot health check for employee wellness is available for both US Associates and SSC non-associates. So, if you belong to any of those pre-mentioned categories of associates, you can fill the form at the time of your daily work shift.

The major motto behind home depot employee health check is to ensure the safety and good health for their employees and their customers.

You will be given certain questions in the form and you will have to be genuine while filling the form. If they find it false or misleading, you will be eligible for the counseling and other consequences.

The data or the information that you filled at thd co health check portal will be shared with the government or the health officials whenever it is required. So, you need to know this fact before filling the form.

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Home Depot Health Check App Download – Android & iOS

For the convenience of their employees to report about their health, Home Depot have developed a tool. If you are an associate, you must have downloaded the app already. Don’t worry even if not, because, you are going to download home depot health check app for android and your iOS device now.

home depot health check app download free

The above given application is famously known as The Home Depot Workforce Tools. It is available in Google Play store and Apple’s App store as well.

thd health check app workforce download

On the other hand, associates can access the thdr health check web application at healthcheck.homedepot.com. So, you have two ways to report your health condition and other details whatsoever asked in the thd com home healthcheck form.

Home Depot Health Check Login Procedure [Detailed]

You must be a currently employee of the Home Depot in order to be able to participate in thd co home health check. Moreover, you should be ready with your employee id and password along with your store code (the store where you are currently working).

Once you are read with those details, you may head over to thd.co/homehealthcheck right away. But wait, consider reading the step by step procedure shared below to avoid mistakes.

the home depot health check login

Whenever you visit the url home depot employee health check portal, you will see the interface such as above. If you can notice various things in the above image, you may choose your preferred language to fill the form among English, Francais, Espanol.

How To Login To Home Depot Health Check Web App

First things first, in order to login at the associate health check home depot portal, you should have some requirements mentioned below.

  • The Employee User ID
  • The Employee Password
  • Your Location
  • Phone Number
  • First Name and Last Name

Once you are ready with the above mentioned prerequisites, you can follow the below steps without a second thought.

  1. Open a web browser on your Personal Computer or a Mobile Phone. We recommend you use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Otherwise, you may also use Safari on iOS and Mac devices and Brave Browser is yet another good option to consider.
  2. Type https://healthcheck.homedepot.com in the URL bar and hit the enter key. Or, just visit this link to directly go to the web portal.
  3. Select your preferred language at the top right corner of the screen from the available options such as English, French and Spanish.
  4. Select “Associate” or “SSC Non-Associate” which suits your role best in the company.

Home Depot Associate Health Check Procedure [Only for Associates]

  • Upon selecting Associate on the home screen of thd home health check portal, you will see some disclaimer about the procedure.
  • Hit “OK” button to continue.
  • Now, you will see the thd com home healthcheck associate login page as shown in the below image.

home depot associate health check login

  • Enter the location of your store or simply enter the store code in the first box.
  • Now, enter your Store ID in the second box.
  • Then, you have to type the password finally and hit that “Sign In” button.

You may also recover the forgot password by going with the Forgot Password link. This is how actually a home depot associate can fill in their thd health check form online.

Home Depot SSC Non Associate Health Check Login – Instructions

In general, SSC stands for Sales and Service Consultant and they are an integral part of the company. But they are treated as SSC non associates at the Home Depot.

If you are one of one of SSC Non Associates of Home Depot, follow the below instructions for Home Depot non associate health check. Have any early doubts? read the below section where you most of your doubts will be answered without any additional questions.

home depot health check login

  • The very first thing that you should be doing is, open https://healthcheck.homedepot.com/ on your laptop or pc or mobile device.
  • Otherwise, you can just tap the Login button which is available in green color above to directly go to the above mentioned page.

thd health check login

  • Tap the second option “SSC Non-Associates” button since you are an SSC Non-Associate at The Home Depot.
  • Hit “OK” if you get any popup on the screen saying the Terms and Conditions of the login procedure.

thd health check associate login portal

  • Now, you will see the page where you will have to enter various details. You may refer to the above image for an idea.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, THD Contact Name (it is optional) and Badge ID (This is required only for badged contractors) and the company at which you are working.
  • Hit “Submit” button and you are done.

The entire process seems super simple right? Yes, it is. You don’t have to worry about anything because we are here to present the step by step procedure for you. Still have any doubts? check out the FAQ section for the answers. Otherwise, you may ask us in the comments below.

Mythdhr Health Check Contact Information

Sometimes, you may want to talk to the technical staff regarding any of your queries. So, consider going through the below provided information to get your queries solved in no time. You may call them anytime but only in the working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Home Depot Provide Health Insurance?

Yes, Both the employees and part time employees get the health insurance along with various health benefits.

2. Do Home Depot Employees Get Medical Benefits?

Yes, all the employees including hose keeping department gets medical benefits. The exclusive benefits includes Dental Benefits, Medical Coverage, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Vision Insurance, etc.

3. Is Home Depot Health Check App Safe?

Yes, the app is completely safe since it is developed by the company itself. It is not a third party application and non of your information will be shared with public at any cost.

4. What Does THDHR Health Check App Contains?

It contains nothing much because it is not a shopping application nor a social media application. It works perfectly well in testing and analyzing your health condition and reporting the same to the Home Depot.

5. Is thd.co/homehealthcheck Still Working?

Of course, it is working perfectly fine but the url is replaced by a new url. Nothing much is changed and you may still use this url to login to home depot associate health check portal.

Final Review – The Home Depot Health Check Login – Associates & SSC Non Associates

Home depot is very particular in terms of the safety of their employees and customers as well. That’s the reason why they have developed a portal where employees and ssc non associates can report and update their health condition.

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