How To Update Cinema HD App on Android, Firestick, PC, Smart TV

In this post, I am going to guide you through how to update cinema hd apk on firestick, android, pc and smart tv. Don’t forget to update the Cinema HD app to the most recent version by following the step-by-step guide shared below.

In general, most of the apps will automatically updated when connected to a wifi. All those apps are downloaded from google play. But cinema hd update won’t be processed automatically just like the apps that you have downloaded from google play.

how to update cinema hd apk

Since it is a third party movie app, you will have to update cinema apk on your phone and firestick manually.

Why It Is Important To Update Cinema HD APK on Android, Firestick?

The current version was built with presently available versions of php and other resources. Whenever php version changes to the latest one, they will stop providing support to the old version.

So, developers of the app will have to use the recently released php version and update cinema apk’s script with latest technologies. The same process is applicable in case of java and other app making technologies.

Whenever there is an error in the app or bug, developers of the app will try to fix it those errors in the coming versions. You can read the guides to fix if you are facing any of these errors on your phone.

How To Know If There Is An Update To Cinema HD App Available?

Actually, there are couple methods available to check for the cinema hd update. The first thing would be that notification you will see on your phone or firestick regarding the new version.

If you don’t receive a notification on your phone due to various reasons, you can manually check for the update. Go to webpage on your phone or firestick to check if there is a new version available.

Otherwise, you can go to the official website of cinema had v2 for updates. The web address is

How To Update Cinema HD APK on Android Phone or Tablet?

We have shared two methods below, you can choose the one that fits for you.

1. In-App Update

  • Open current version of cinema hd app on your phone.
  • Go to Menu section and scroll down till you see something like what you can see in the image below.

check for cinema hd apk update on android

  • If there is an update available for cinema hd apk, you will see the details of the new version with changelog.
  • Hit “Install” to override cinema apk new version over the current version. If you are unable to update it, follow the steps shared below.
  • Go back to the home screen of your phone, tap cinema hd app and hold if for few seconds until you see a small bar opens up with options.

cinema hd app update info

  • Tap “App Info” option.

cinema hd v2 update

  • Tap “Advanced” option to expand the settings.

install unknown apps inside cinema hd app

  • Scroll down and hit “Install unknown apps” option now.

enable automatic updates on cinema hd android

  • Toggle on the option besides “Allow from this source” option as you can seen in the image above.
  • Come back to the cinema apk now and hit “Install” button to add the new version to your phone.

install cinema apk new version

  • Give it sometime to load the new version over the current version of cinema on your android phone.

Once you see that the update is over, restart your phone and start using cinema apk updated version.

2. Update Cinema HD V2 on Android Manually

  • In order to update cinema app on your phone manually, you will have to remove the app.
  • Close the app if it is open.
  • Go back to the home screen of your android phone.
  • Select Cinema HD and hold it until you see the options as shown below.

cinema hd app update info

  • Hit “Uninstall” option and give necessary permissions if prompted.
  • Please wait until the app is completely removed from your phone.
  • Restart your phone and make sure you are connected to active internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and type and hit enter.
  • You will be landed on the most beautiful page where you will get the latest update to cinema app.
  • Download cinema apk latest version from that page and follow the guide to install cinema hd apk on android.

Those are the most prominent methods for cinema hd apk update on android devices. We highly recommend you avoid mod versions of the app. Always try to download the app from the original source ( or from our website to stay safe.

How To Update Cinema HD on Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, Cube

1. Direct Update Method

  • Open Settings of your firestick device and then go to My device by scrolling all the way right.

cinema update settings on firestick

  • Scroll down and select Developer Options with your remote.

my fire tv developer options

  • Scroll down and hit Apps from unknown sources option.

allow cinema v2 update on fire tv

  • Finally, hit “Turn On” option to enable cinema hd update on firestick.

unknown sources for cinema update firestick

  • Open Cinema HD app on your firestick, scroll down till you see the green color notification about the update.
  • Click on It to open a window like this.

install new version

  • Hit “Install” button to start loading up the latest version of cinema over the old version.

installing cinema update

  • Please wait while your firestick is installing cinema latest update on it.

open cinema hd updated on firestick

  • Hit “Done” or “Open” options to finish the update process on your firestick.

2. Manual Update

This is somehow easy to perform comparing with the first method. But if you don’t have enough time to do it manually, you can use the above method.

  • Firstly, you will have to uninstall cinema hd v2 on your firestick
  • Restart your firestick to apply the changes.
  • Open “Downloader” app now.
  • Go to on your firestick using the downloader app’s browser.
  • Scroll down to the center of the page.
  • Hit “Download” option to save cinema hd updated apk for your firestick.

Now you have downloaded the updated apk on you fire tv stick. Now you can install cinema hd apk on firestick by following the tips in the guide attached.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A New Update for Cinema HD APK?

If there is an update from the makers, they will send you a notification and it will be shown when you open up the app on your device. If you are not receiving such notifications, go to app's menu and hit "Check for Updates".

Can I Update Cinema HD on PC?

Of course, you can update cinema app on your pc but you will have to go through the manual method. Since cinema hd was made for android devices, you won't be able to get the automatic app updates.

Can I Update Cinema APK on My Smart TV?

Yes, you can update the app on your smart tv but it should be an android tv. Otherwise you cannot install or update the app.

How Do I Install Cinema HD Update?

If you want to install cinema hd updated version, launch the app and go to the hamburger menu and tap "Check for Updates.." which is the last but one option. That will take you to the official site where you can download the latest version and update the app on your device.

Will I Get More Links of Cinema HD After Update?

Yes, you will be able to get more links that what amount of links you are currently getting. Try to update and observe the changes between both the cases.

Final Review – Update Old Version Of Cinema HD APK on Android & Firestick To Latest Version

Update cinema hd apk on firestick and android to avoid most of the errors. If you feel like you are not getting the most out of the new version, you can downgrade to the old version anytime easily. So, it is always necessary to update the app. We have shared beautiful methods to update cinema app to new version. You can comment below if you have successfully updated the app.

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