How To Fix Cinema HD Keeps Crashing / Not Working / Buffering / Playback Failed Errors

Is Cinema HD Keeps Crashing on your phone or firestick? don’t worry, we have come up with the solution. Errors with apps are quite common but how it feels when you get series of errors? it’s annoying I guess. No to worry though, we have shared some tips and tricks to avoid cinema hd gray screen, crashing, playback failed errors in this article.

What Causes Playback Failed, Black Screen, Gray Screen Errors on Cinema HD?

No doubt in saying Cinema HD APK is the number 1 app in android movie apps category. It is also well known app for the kind of errors it has. Every single error is different from the other one and single method cannot solve all the issues.

cinema hd not working

Moreover, all apps installed from google play will get regular bug fixes directly from the makers of the app. Since cinema hd is not available in play store, you will have to dig yourself to find out the root cause of the error and you will have to fix it on your own.

In order to reduce the stress for you, we have come up with 10+ methods to cinema hd not working error and other issues below. Just go through the methods carefully to fix the error in under 2 minutes.

We will be going through the easiest methods first to see if it works. You can go through the tricky party if cinema apk don’t seem to be working.

1. How To Fix Cinema HD Download Error?

  • Enable Unknown Sources

You will see download error while sideloading cinema hd app to your android phone or firestick. In general, android ecosystem won’t allow you install apps that are not from google play.

So make sure you have turned on unknown sources (or) apps from unknown sources on android and fire tv.

To make changes on android, go to Settings > Security > Developer Options > Unknown Sources.

android unknown sources

And firestick users have to follow the path Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Apps from unknown sources.

apps from unknown sources

Try installing cinema hd after making changes as mentioned above. If you don’t see any improvement, consider reading the guide to install cinema hd apk on android and steps to follow to sideload cinema hd apk on firestick. I hope this will fix the cinema apk download error. If not, check out the next fix shared below.

  • Free Up Storage Space On Your Device

Devices will no storage space or inadequate space will not be able to go through the installation process. So, it is recommended to see the available free space on your phone or firestick.

cinema hd apk not working android

If you notice that there is no storage space on your device, delete some unwanted files and try installing it again. You can use this app to clean the temp files and junk files from your device.

2. How To Fix Cinema HD Keeps Crashing?

  • Force Stop Cinema HD App

This is the very first thing that you have to do in order to make cinema hd up and working. There’s nothing much to do as it is quite easy to perform on android and firestick. Open Settings on your device and navigate to Apps. Select Cinema HD which is continuously crashing, hit “Force Stop”.

force stop cinema hd v2 on firestick

Now, restart your phone and check if cinema apk is still crashing or working fine.

  • Change Network Connection

It is seen that most of the apps are getting crashed due to the restrictions put by the ISPs. So, it is recommended to change the internet connection on your device.

wifi settings fire tv

If you were getting the error with wifi network, try to switch to the other network if available. Otherwise, you can try out with mobile data or vice versa. To apply changes, restart the phone or firestick and check back again.

3. How To Fix When Cinema HD Shows Gray Screen or Black Screen?

  • Turn Off Show Debrid Only Option

I assume that you don’t have a real debrid subscription and you are trying to watch some movies. Show debrid only option will not show any data if you haven’t logged into real-debrid. So, you have to turn it off.

debrid only

In order to do this, Go to Settings and open Account and scroll down to General settings. Toggle “OFF” the option “Show debrid only”. Restart the app and see that cinema hd is showing up all the content.

  • Update Cinema HD App

Cinema hd gray screen error and black screen error usually happens with the outdated versions. In order to make sure you are using the current version (v2.6.0), go to the app info by long pressing the app. If you see that you are using old version of the app, you will have to update it to the new version.

cinema hd updating

To update the app, first uninstall it from your device. Restart the phone and download cinema hd apk latest version and try installing it again. Since you are installing the app again, you don’t have to tweak the unknown sources now. Read this guide to Update Cinema HD APK To Latest Version today.

  • Check App Permissions

Most of the apps will work without any kind of special permissions on your devices. But sometimes, you will have to grant some permissions such as access to storage for downloading files. Go to the home screen of your device, select the app and and long press it to get the app information.

cinema hd v2 permissions

Navigate to Permissions tab and give necessary permissions to the app to test if it works from now. If you still see the same blank screen on cinema hd, you can turn off the permissions and try out the next fix.

  • Clear App Cache

Sometimes, app cache will get you the trouble. If you have tried to to open up the app when there is no active internet connection, that cache will be stored inside the app. When you try to watch some movies or shows with active internet connection, there are chances that previously loaded cache comes up.

clear cinema hd cache

To clear the cache, open up the Settings > Storage, hit “Cached Data” and tap “OK” when prompted. Otherwise you can open the app settings and clear cinema hd. Try your luck, it should be working now.

4. How To Fix When Cinema HD Playback Failed?

  • Turn Off Auto Play Option

Cinema hd is a search engine and you will have the freedom to pick the link to play it. Whenever you turn on auto play option, it will automatically picks up any random link and start playing that link.

turn off auto play

There are chances that link might be expired or not working. Open Cinema HD app on your android phone or firestick and go to that hamburger menu of the app. Go to Settings and then to Auto Play option. Make sure that both the options that you see on screen are turned off.

If you wish to continue with auto play option, it is recommended to change the number to anything above 10 for “Number of links to auto play next (TV/Show)”. Close the app and restart your phone to see if it is working now.

  • Clear App Data

There are chances that some data will be saved such as settings and preferences inside the app. To apply the changes you made, you will have to clear the app data.

clear cinema hd storage

To do that, go to home screen of your device, long press the app and go to “App Info”. There you see the options, hit “Clear App Data” and close it.

Restart your phone and make sure that you have turned on either wifi or mobile date before testing.

5. How To Fix When Cinema HD v2 Has Stopped Unfortunately?

  • Use VPN (or) Restart VPN

It is really unfortunate when cinema hd apk stopped while you are watching something interesting. It is a good idea to use any VPN app to avoid this problem. What to do if VPN is the only reason for this error? don’t panic, restart the connection.

reconnect vpn

Open up the vpn app and check the connection. Disconnect it first, close the app, re-open it and establish the connection again. Go to cinema hd and test if it is working fine. If you are still facing the issue, delete the app cache or reinstall cinema apk on your device.

  • Turn Off Resolve Premium Links Option

Premium links will be bigger in size and your internet connection may not load up the file correctly. In such cases, you may see this error on your android phone, firestick or android smart tv.

turn off solve premium links

Open cinema hd and go to Menu > Settings > Account. Scroll down till the end to see Turn off resolve premium links option. Toggle it “ON” and it is highly recommended since it can reduce the number of requests to premium services.

6. How To Fix When Cinema HD Not Showing Seasons?

  • Choose TV/Shows As Default Opening Screen

Is cinema hd showing movies only? aren’t getting seasons and series? here is the tricky part. You can actually search for the season using the search bar but if you failed to get them, try the fix.

choose default opening tv shows

Open up the app and go to it’s Settings from Menu. Tap “General” and click 4th option which is “Choose default opening screen”. A pop up will open up with the options and you will have to pick the first one (TV/Shows).

Re-open cinema hd and you will see the series and seasons on the homepage itself. Scroll down all the way to pick your favorite season among them.

  • Turn On Show Season Specials Option

If this option is turned on by default, you won’t be able to see the seasons even when you can see tv shows on the home screen.

show season specials

To make changes, launch the app and go to General under Settings from Menu. Scroll down a bit and turn on “Show Season Specials” option.

  • Turn Off Show Aired Episodes Only

Just like the way you did above, you will have to turn on “Show Aired Episode Only”. Otherwise everything will be mess up and you cannot play the content.

show aired episodes only

You can find the above option in general settings of the app just above the show season specials.

7. How To Fix When Cinema HD Subtitles Are Not Working?

Cinema HD is not alone, It is a very common problem in most of the movie apps. If you see there is no subtitles available for any movie, you can download the file from any reliable resource and load it. But what if the subtitles are out of sync? let’s check out the fix.


Use any file manager (es file explorer is recommended) and go to subtitles folder inside cinema hd folder. Delete all the previously downloaded subtitle files from there. If it is still not working, consider reading the detailed guide to Fix Cinema HD Subtitles Out Of Sync, Wrong Loading.

8. How To Fix When Cinema HD Not Working Properly?

  • Downgrade To Older Version

There might be a bug in the recent update of cinema hd. If you were using cinema old version which was working fine until the update, you can just downgrade to it.

downgrade cinema hd

Firstly, uninstall the current version from your phone or firestick. Download Cinema HD APK Old Version on your device from the attached page. Install the app by following the on-screen instructions with the help of unknown sources. It should be working properly now or try out the next fix.

  • Login To Real Debrid or All Debrid

Sometimes, you will be flooded with the broken links and you may think cinema hd not working well. To avoid this, you can use all debrid or real debrid service on your devices. This will work only if you have their subscription.

login to real debrid

Open cinema hd app on your android phone or fire tv stick 4k or android tv. Go to Settings from the Menu and then go to Account settings. There you will see the first option as Real Debrid and the second one as All Debrid with green colored font.

Click on Login to Real-Debrid or Login to All-Debrid and provide your login info, hit Sign In. You can check this guide to know more about real debrid.

9. How To Fix If Cinema HD Is Still Refreshing Or Not Working?

  • Try Cinema HD Alternatives

We have tried our best to provide you all possible methods to fix cinema hd not working and other errors. It should be working if you have followed the tips correctly. Alternatives would be a better idea if you are not satisfied with cinema apk.

CyberflixCucoTVHDO Box and CineHub are the best alternatives to cinema hd. You can check out Top 10 Best Cinema HD Alternatives and download any of them by following the instructions.

Important Tip: Don’t ever dare to factory reset your phone or firestick for the sake of cinema hd. Because it will wipe out all your files and data. Instead of doing factory reset, you can pick one of the alternative apps which matches with your taste.

10. How To Fix When Cinema HD Keeps Buffering?

Is Cinema Hd buffering all the time instead of working? here is a fix that you can rely upon.

  • Go to the home screen of your android device.

cinema hd buffering

  • Select the cinema hd v2 application and hit the “App Info” option like we have shown in the above image.

cinema hd keeps buffering

  • You will see the options as shown in the above image. Hit “Force Stop” and then tap “Storage & Cache” option.
  • Clear the Cache and Storage.
  • Restart your android device and re-launch the cinema hd app to fix cinema hd buffering issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wrong With Cinema HD?

Don't worry, it's usual for any app when there is a high user request and servers may not work properly. Try after some time to use the app properly without any loading issues.

What Is Error 403 On Cinema HD?

Error 403 means that the server understood the request but unable to athenticate the connection / request. This error usually occurs when there is an issue with the app servers. To fix the error, clear the app cache, app data and switch to better wireless network.

What Is Error 503 On Cinema App?

Error 503 is nothing but the http response status code. When you see the error 503 on cinema hd app, it means that the web server cannot handle the request properly.

Why Does Cinema HD Keep Crashing?

There might be insufficient space on your android device while trying to download a movie or a show and cinema hd is unable to carry out the task and crashes. The other reason could be cache and slow internet connection or a wrong selection of the link.

Why Does My Cinema App Keep Buffering?

Buffering issues is a quite common error in the cinema hd app which is caused by poor internet connection and app cache. To solve the buffering issue, clear the cache and make sure that you have connected to a good wifi conneciton. If the buffering issue is still happening, try to re-open the app after closing it completely and try again.

Why Does Cinema HD Keep Pausing?

Some other application on your device might be running the background that might be causing cinema hd to pause the stream. Try to close all the background applications and keep your device in DND Mode to fix cinema hd keep pausing video while playing.

What Does Clearing The Cache Do on Cinema HD?

Cache in cinema hd may cause lags, performance issues and app crashes including constant buffering. Clearing the cache will solve all these problems since the app will try to load contents with a new pull request and stores the current cache which is fresh and healthy.

How Do I Clear My Cinema HD Cache?

Select the cinema hd app on your android phone, press and hold until you see the options. Press "App Info" option to open the properties of the application. Tap "Storage Usage" option and click "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" options to wipe out the cache and temporary data.

How Do I Restart The Cinema App?

Close the app and re-open the application after clearing the app cache. If you want to wipe out the settings and watch history, you better uninstall the app and re-install it but don't upload the backup file to the app.

Final Review – Cinema HD Keeps Crashing, Buffering, Not Working Issues Are Annoying But You Can Fix Them All

In most of the cases, clearing app cache/data and updating to latest version will fix the errors. But we didn’t stop this guide with basic methods. We have researched a lot and shared every single possibility to fix cinema apk error in terms of loading, not fetching links and issues with gray screen. Kindly comment below if your problem is solved after following the above guidelines.

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