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Kroger Eschedule is a very useful tool for the kroger employees. With the help of kroger employee schedule tool, all the associates have the opportunity to plan their schedules. The Kroger Eschedule can be found at or (without https).

In this article, we are going to talk about Kroger E Schedule such as how to login, register and requirements of the kroger employee e schedule portal. Read this article completely if you are either a Current Associate or SSC Non-Associate at one of the Kroger Stores. Otherwise, you may completely ignore this tutorial and move on to any other useful content that may find on our website.

feed kroger login

In order to be able to login to feed kroger eschedule portal, you need to meet certain requirements. We have collected all the basic requirements that you have to meet and presented them right below.

Basic Requirements To Access Kroger Feed Login

  • Kroger Employee Schedule Portal Web Address.
  • EUID and Password. (Kroger Employee Enterprise User ID)
  • Active Internet Connection. (You must not use VPN)
  • A Laptop or Mobile Device to Perform The Login Process Online.
  • Less Than 5 Minutes Of Your Time.

The Benefits Of Employee Schedule Portal

The benefits are not many but, whatever you get are really useful. being an employee at kroger stores, you will be able to check your work schedules at website. Moreover, employees can check their working hours and employee benefits at the portal.

On the other hand, employees can easily apply for holidays such as sick leaves, etc. Employees can also monitor their daily schedules and work performance to enhance their activity at work.

One more notable advantage of kroger feed login portal is the ability for employees to check paystub and paychecks.

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How to Get Kroger Eschedule Login Page? –

It is as simple as it sounds. You do not need to perform any kind of special activities to get the login page. You can simply get the kroger feed login page at the below mentioned URL.

So, are you guys ready? lets dive into the steps. If you have your account ready, you can login to feed.kroger eschedule portal right away. Otherwise, you have to register at kroger schedule portal.

Kroger ESchedule Login Instructions for Employees & Non-Associates

The introduction and some basic information about the portal and requirements mentioned above enough. We do not want to eat your valuable time because you are here to learn something new from us. So, just go through the below mentioned steps one by one without any further ado.

  • Visit the Kroger Eschedule Portal Online at from one of your devices. You may use a mobile device or a personal computer in order to go to the portal page.

kroger eschedule login

  • You have one more option, you can simply tap the Login button available above in order to go the official kroger feed eschedule portal directly from this page.
  • Now, you may notice that the official kroger employee schedule portal is getting loaded.
  • Don’t worry if you notice that the url that you have entered into your browser changes to something else. It will just redirect you to the portal page –
  • Once the page is loaded fully, you will see something like what you may see in the below image.

kroger eschedule

  • here, you may notice an “i” card with information about accepting company’s information security policy.
  • We also recommend you to check the corporate information security policy thoroughly to avoid misconceptions.
  • Finally, Enter Feed Kroger Enterprise User ID and Password in their fields.
  • You may check or uncheck the option “Remember my ID” option and hit “I Agree”.

Now, you will see that Kroger ESchedule Login page is now taken you to the dashboard. If you still seeing the same login page, there is an issue with your browser’s cookies. Kindly clear the cookies only if you can’t access login page.

How To Change The Password of Kroger ESchedule?

You will be given a password along with the EUID from your manager at kroger. If you wish to change the password, you have two different methods.

1. Use The Passport Website To Manage Your Password

This is the first method that you may use in order to change the krogers eschedule login password. This method will work only from your work location. It will not work if you are currently at home and you may not be able to change the password from your home.

Here Is The URL To Manage Your Password –

In case you are at home currently and looking for the easy method to change the password, check below.

2. Reset A Locked Account, Pick New Password or Activate New Account

We have shared the url of the portal right below. You may click on it or copy and paste in the browser to go the portal.

Here Is The URL To Activate, Reset Account/Password –

Some Useful Tips For My ESchedule Kroger Login Portal

  • The password for the portal is case sensitive and you will need to be careful with it. So, kindly double check your password and the caps lock before you try to log into the portal.
  • Do not forget to clear the browser cache once you sign out from the portal.
  • Make sure to save the Kroger EUID and do not share it feed kroger employee login details with anybody else.
  • Keep changing the password at least once a month to make it more secure and save the same for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Check My Schedule for Kroger?

If you are a Kroger Employee, you can check your schedules at web portal. In order to check your schedules, you should have Krogers E Schedule Login details such as EUID and Password.

2. How To Change My Availability At Kroger?

If you wish to change or update your availability, you can do it at website or feed.kroger com website. Navigate to Kroger Employee ESchedule section and login there to deal with your availability.

3. Can I Get My Paystubs at feed.kroger Website?

You will get your paystub related information from website and you may also get it from the portal.

Final Review – Kroger ESchedule Login at

Kroger stores have developed a wonderful portal for their employees and it is popularly known as feed kroger eschedule. It is a portal that can only be accessed and utilized by their employees but not customers. We took a decision to help out all the kroger employees out there with this article by providing tips for Kroger ESchedule Login and much more.

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