Cinema HD for Linux – Install Cinema APK on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint

Good news for all linux users! now you can install cinema hd on linux pc by using the android emulator called “Shashlik”. In general, we can use bluestacks on windows and nox on macOS but they will not work on linux based personal computers. Shashlik is one of the oldest android emulators, available for linux operating system only.

Some of you might not even know about shashlik android emulator because it is the most underrated software. Even though it is an unpopular android application, it can help you download cinema hd for linux computer.

cinema hd for linux

Shashlik will unpack the cinema apk and write the files on Linux/GNU platforms with the help of pre-assigned android ecosystem on your linux laptop. We don’t want to go deep into the technical aspects of the emulator. Just stick to this article to run cinema apk on linux computer.

Download Cinema HD APK for Linux Mint, Ubuntu & Fedora and Redhat

You might be using the child versions of linux operating system such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu or Fedora, you can till install all the android apps with the help of Shashlik android emulator. Just download the apk file and save the same on your linux based computer as a first step.

   Download Cinema APK for Linux

Sounds cool? not at all man! check out what you exactly need to do now. In case of any doubts and questions, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below this post.

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How To Install Shashlik Android Emulator on Linux?

Installing debian package on linux based computers is the real hectic thing. But it may not be a tough task for people who are using linux from a long time because they may have past experience with the installations. Just to help you out, we have shared few simple steps to wrap up the installation process of shashlik android emulator on your linux computer.

1. Download the repo tool by typing the following command in your command prompt.

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ PATH=~/bin:$PATH

2. Enter the following command in the next screen of the command prompt.

$ curl > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

3. Now, you need to create a new directory and start a repo sync with our manifest to make things work accordingly.

mkdir shashlik
cd shashlik
repo init -u
repo sync

4. Enter the last command for the installation of (.sh) file type on your linux computer through commands.

source build/

You can read the instructions from the developer of shashlik emulator from here. In case you have any doubts, you can comment below the article to get help from our experts.

Additional Tip: If you are unable to install shashlik emulator, you can use FDroid android emulator on your linux computer. Follow the instructions from the attached guide. 

How To Install Cinema HD APK on Linux Using Shashlik Emulator?

I assume that you have already downloaded cinema apk and also installed shashlik (or) fdroid on your linux computer. Now you can follow the guidelines shared below in order to install the cinema hd apk on your linux computer using shashlik.

  • Open Shashlik android emulator on your linux computer (if installed successfully). Otherwise you may also use F-Droid or Genymotion in place of shashlik.
  • Go to the cinema-free.apk file location on your linux computer.
  • Select the apk file, drag and drop the file onto the shashlik android emulator.
  • Shashlik will install the apk file on your linux computer in next few minutes.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start using the application.

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Even though the whole process looks complicated, you can do it by following proper guidelines. Our ultimate aim is to help our visitors go in a right path, so we have tried our best to provide the guidelines that work. You can read the suitable guides attached above to avoid any kind of real time installation errors.

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