Walmart GTA Portal Login at (My Time, PTO, LOA)

Walmart GTA Portal Login – This post is dedicated to all the walmart employees. In this post, we have shared complete information that every walmart employee wants to know regarding their paid time off (PTO), Leave Of Absense (LOA). Employees of walmart can now check their attendance, number of working days at Onewalmart GTA Portal. Wants to know how? let’s continue reading this post till the end.

We have covered everything related to onewalmart gta portal starting from Time Off Center, Attendance Policy, E-Commerce, Disability, Health and Well Being, ETA (Electronic Time Adjustment), etc. Go through all the necessary information provided here to manage your schedules, time offs at walmart gta portal.

If you haven’t enabled 2 step verification for walmart login, do not forget to check out Wmlink/2step verification guide for receive 6 digit code via sms, call or vip access app as additional layer of security.

What Is One Walmart GTA Portal?

Full form of GTA is nothing but Global Time and Attendance. When it comes to onewalmart gta portal, it is a portal created by the walmart authorities to know the attendance of their employees. Not only that, it has a lot of advantages for both company and walmart employees.

walmart gta portal

Employees can repot their clock in and clock out at Onewalmart GTA Portal. So that, the information of the employees signing in and signing out from work can be monitored by the authorities. Generally, the reported information from the employees will be synchronized to Central Walmart.

It means that the walmart authorities can analyse the data easily anytime. This way, they can keep track of their employees attendance, reasons behind their absense, paid time off eligibilities, leave of absense, etc.

The GTA Portal Walmart is accessible from everywhere and there is no restrictions as such. So, you can login to GTA Walmart portal anytime you want and report about your leave of absense or paid time off. This is the most convenient method for the employees and company as well.

Benefits Of Walmart GTA Portal

As discussed earlier, reporting your clock in and clock out times is super easy. Let’s check out the other benefits that are associated with this portal to understand Walmart GTA in a much better manner.

  • The portal is completely secure and no third party can access your information at any cost.
  • Keep track of your job attendance hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly too.
  • PTO – Easily access paid time off information right from the portal. You can even check the available paid time off hours/days on the portal.
  • LOA – Leave of absense can be accessed and you can opt in for any kind of sick leaves or medical leaves right from the portal. Report your returning from leave of absense to notify the authorities that you are ready for work.
  • ETA – Complete information about electronic time adjustment can be seen at GTA Onewalmart Portal.
  • The portal is accessible from all the locations since there is no GEO restrictions. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily be at the work location at the time of login and logout.
  • View complete information about employee health and well being.
  • Get time adjustment forms and support materials on the portal for the convenience of your work schedules.
  • Company management can calculate the employee attendance that is very useful to generate mothly or weekly payslips.

Onewalmart GTA Portal Login Requirements

There are a very few requirements for a successful login to the GTA Walmart Portal. Let’s check out the small checklist that you should be ready with.

  • URL of One Walmart GTA Portal –
  • GTA Portal Login Details – Username (Employee ID) and Password
  • Smartphone or Personal Computer
  • Active Internet Connection
  • A Web Browser Which Is Updated – Google Chrome is recommended
  • Basic English Language Knowledge to understand the navigation of the portal

Hope you are ready now! check out the step by step instructions for the login then. If not, make sure be ready with the aforementioned requirements because they are must.

Walmart GTA Portal Login | How To Access Employee Time Tools (PTO, LOA)

Go To GTA Portal   

  • Take out your smarpthone and make sure that it has active internet connection.
  • Go to My Time Walmart Official Portal Page [] using google chrome or any other browser.
  • Otherwise, click on the Go To GTA Portal button to go to GTA Portal Walmart directly from here.

onewalmart gta portal login

  • Click on “GTA Portal” as indicated in the above image.
  • That will now take you to the Official Walmart GTA Portal Login Page.

walmart gta portal login

  • Enter Walmart Employee ID (User ID) in the first field.
  • Choose the country now (available countries are United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Chile, China, EMEA.

gta portal walmart login

  • Pick you work location from the drop down menu (available options are Homeoffice, Store/Club, Store/Club – Pharmacy & Optical, DC.
  • Hit Sign In button once you are done with the options instructed above.

This is the easiest method to log into one walmart gta portal from any location (home or office). If the login is not working, you can contact the walmart gta login support by using the contact information shared below.

Check Other Employee Portals…

GTA Portal OneWalmart Contact Information

Contact information shared below can be used to contact the administration of Walmart anytime. Don’t always try to contact them for silly doubts, instead, you can comment below this article to get help.

  • Walmart Employee Support Number – 479-273-4357 (United States Only)
  • Walmart Employee Support Live Chat Link – https://wmlink/supportchat & https://wmlink/fieldsupportchat (Available on-network only)
  • Employee Schedule Support Staff Number – 1-700-Walmart (Available from store network & in working hours only)
  • Sedgwick Walmart Support Email ID –
  • Walmart Sedgwick Support Number – 800-492-5678
  • Walmart GTA Login Portal –

Check out some of the frequently asked quetions and answers to them. You may also leave your comments below for the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Report My Leave Of Absense Through Sedgwick Walmart?

You don’t have to always log in to GTA Portal Walmart to report your LOA, especially when out of reach. Now, you can report your leave of absense by calling the sedgwick support number at 800-492-5678.

2. How To Recover Onewalmart GTA Portal Username?

The simple solution to the problem is contacting Sedgwick Associate at (866) 647-7610. Tell them clearly that you forgot your username and give them details about yourself such as name, address and date of join, email id, etc.

3. Can I Take Intermittent Leave?

Of course, Yes! you are eligible to take intermittent leaves but you need approval from sedgwick for that. Check this resource to understand the procedure completely.

Final Review – Onewalmart GTA Portal Login Guide

All the Walmart Employees has to login to Walmart GTA Portal in order to Clock In to their work schedule and Clock out from the work schedule. We have tried our best to give you the maximum possible details and information regarding GTA Portal by Onewalmart. Kindly let us know in the comments if you face any kind of walmart gta portal not working as such.

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